Our Gifted Goldens

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This adorable retriever mix, Bentley FKA Clancy, is currently in a loving foster home of GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue in Maryland. Bentley was hit by a car. He bolted out the door at a temporary foster home, a few weeks after arriving at GoldHeart, and was tragically hit by a car, and has faced several surgeries for pelvic fracture, and after two attempted surgeries to save his leg the leg was amputated. We expect recovery could take up to another 6 weeks. Reports so far is he is a trooper and is already figuring out how to handle life as a 3-legged pup. Go Bentley! Bentley is an absolute love bug. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! He just loves everyone and acts so much like a velcro-golden. He is so affectionate and loves to cuddle. Bentley is looking for his forever home and GRINinc sends positive thoughts his way! Through a grant, GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program assisted GoldHeart with Bentley’s very expensive medical bills which have reached over $7000. 


Trinity is an 8 month old Golden Retriever mix who came into Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue of Colorado in August 2015. She was born with an ectopic ureter and underwent surgery to reposition the ureter. Although the surgery was successful, Trinity continues to have leakage but a lifetime of a very expensive medication does help. Trinity’s veterinarian bills came to over $4000 and GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program was there to help with the expensive care. Trinity has been adopted by a vet technician who will be able to monitor and care for Trinity’s health issues throughout her life. Trinity now has a new life and a new name, Tenley. She will always be a bit incontinent but as of the last update she has been transitioning out of the doggie diapers and continues to do well on a medication to help with the incontinence. Tenley is happy and loved! 


“Grace Slick” or Amazing Grace was found in an olive tree grove in Istanbul, Turkey.  She came into Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc. ( GRRI-NJ) on November 12, 2015. The volunteer in Istanbul advised that she was not in the best of health…she was anemic and ended up having emergency exploratory surgery…a result of a “botched” spay/abortion done while she was in Turkey. Dead abdominal contents were removed and two pints of blood were suctioned from her abdomen. It was discovered that she could not urinate on her own so she was catherized. Grace Slick had a very nasty UTI and she was started on 4 medications. She was discharged to her foster home after spending almost 10 days under critical care. Multiple urinalysis and medications were given over the next few weeks but she still was having difficulty urinating. Ultrasounds and various other tests were done. There was no structure damage but a dysfunction of the bladder due to the trauma of the surgery in Turkey and the end results. Grace Slick continues to thrive emotionally in her foster home ( now her new forever home) but the veterinarian treatments continue on and on. Expenses for the rescue are thousands and thousands of dollars. When GRRI-NJ applied to GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program we were honored to assist with this beautiful young golden’s care through a grant. Her foster/forever home continues to keep us updated on Grace Slick’s progress. She truly is AMAZING GRACE!  

When NJ had snowfall Grace took advantage of this experience. She loved the snow!  Once and a while her “Mom” says she has flashbacks of Turkey.  She hides in a corner of the yard and doesn’t understand that she no longer has to stay outside as she did back in the olive tree grove. If only our beloved dogs could talk and tell their story….

Grace Slick


Blossom came into Adopt A Golden Atlanta as a stray. Her age is thought to be 11, 12 or 13 years old. Blossom was found to have limited eyesight, she also had badly infected ears and many, many lumps on her body. Her coat was all matted too along with an abundance of fleas and ticks. Adopt A Golden Atlanta has learned that it will cost $1500 to get Blossom in shape to be adopted. Yes even at her age AGA decided that Blossom has a lot of living to do and her happy golden spirit will get her through these tough times.  Blossom had surgery to remove 35 masses from her back, legs, face and lower body. Thankfully none are cancerous. After spending time in foster care to recover, Blossom has been adopted! The gentleman, named Gene, happily adopted Blossom as a companion for himself and for his hospice AGA golden that he is so graciously fostering for the remainder of her life. Blossom is very happy with her life now …she has recuperated very nicely and is on her way to bringing smiles to her new Dad and golden sister.

Blossom is a lucky girl….not only was she rescued but she received the best veterinary care and love from all that cared for her and now, even at her age, she is in a forever home! GRINinc is honored to have assisted with a grant to help offset the costs of sweet Blossom’s care.



SEVA GREAT of Virginia picked up Dakota from a local vet hospital. Dakota was only 21 lbs and missing hair from midway on his back to the tip of his tail. He smelled so wretched, had clumps of hair falling off, and dry skin dusting everywhere he walked. His flea infestation was severe. There were fleas literally jumping all over the place. He was so scared and so skinny. It took the rescue over a month to overcome a very stubborn ear infection which required poor Dakota to visit the vet every 7 1- days. Now, a little over 3 months later, his skin looks fantastic. He weighs 55 lbs and Dakota’s coat is beautiful, light golden and fluffy. In November SEVA GREAT found out Dakota has 2 bad knees and a bad hip. Being only 4 years old, the rescue wants him to have an active life that he very well deserves. The specialist performed Dakota's first knee surgery on November 25. He has been recovering so well and quicker than the veterinarian anticipated. Dakota's second knee will be operated on along with his left hip at some point in the future. By the time that Dakota has fully recovered and is available for adoption, he will have been in the care of the rescue for about 7 to 8 months. He also has a terrible under bite and is facing the possibility of losing his bottom 6 teeth (front ones in between the canines). The rescue is monitoring it very closely to see if he may require oral surgery. This poor boy has been through a lot in his short life...from being neglected, to coming into foster care, and now having multiple surgeries to help put him in the best health possible. Dakota’s foster Mom states “And if you met Dakota, you would know he's totally worth every penny”.

Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc realizes the major expense that the rescue has harbored in order to provide Dakota the very best care all the while hoping to insure him a wonderful future with good health and a great quality of life. Our GIFTED GOLDEN GRANT PROGRAM issued a grant to SEVA GREAT to assist with Dakota’s veterinary bills.



Bridges came into Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, South Carolina after being found as a stray.  He is estimated to be between 8-10 years old and presumed to have been hit by a car.  The many lacerations that he had were very nasty and deep. Fortunately, after many x-rays, it was determined that he did not suffer any broken bones. His first photos taken after being rescued are too graphic to display here with his story.  The one photo shows Bridges to be in a very emaciated condition. This was after he came into rescue and had been given a bath and had some time to heal. Bridges tested positive for heartworm disease. Bridges has come through his heart worm treatment very well and now his true personality is coming through.  Bridges is quite the character. He's sweet, silly, loving & funny. His favorite place to be is wherever you are- beside you on the couch, just an inch behind you in the kitchen, or an inch in front of you on the way back to the living room. He tosses his head back and forth in excitement when he sees you, and bounces of the floor with his front paws. He doesn't jump on anyone, loves his foster brothers and sister, and loves his kitty siblings. One cat lies on his head or by his side and he doesn't mind. He loves his meals and treats. He doesn't seem afraid of anything except a loud voice. You'll always have a smiling puppy face looking up at you with a tail that wags all the time, even when he's sleeping. Bridges has come a long way since Foothills took him into the rescue.  We are hoping he will find his forever home soon. We are grateful to Foothills GRR for taking this older senior boy in and doing everything that is needed to give him a second chance at life. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program was honored to award a grant to Foothills GRR for Bridges’ veterinarian care.


Sweet, beautiful 16 month old Summer is a very special dog with special needs. Summer came into Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Colorado, with a missing front paw. The rescue brought her in believing that either she would be fitted with a prosthesis or have the leg amputated… either one was financially within their means.  However….upon exam it was discovered that Summer had more joint issues.  Severe hip dysplasia was discovered and it was highly suggested that she have bilateral total hip surgery. Other types of surgery cannot be done because she does not have strong front legs.  Summer is in constant paint but is such a joyful young girl! In typical Golden fashion, she loves toys, tennis balls, and everyone she meets. .. Her beauty and personality can't be beat!

Summer was recently fitted with her prosthetic at Orthopets. She is learning to use it, and doing really well. Once she becomes comfortable with the prosthetic, she will get a brace for the left front leg.

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc. needs to go beyond their means to raise funds for Summer’s pending hip surgeries.  If she is ever to walk again and enjoy a life without pain this needs to be done but cannot be done without raising money from outside their rescue. GRFR has applied to GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Fund and we are honored to award a grant to help with Summer’s very large veterinarian bills.

Right now Summer is in a foster home and she will not be adoptable until she has had her surgery and the rescue can be assured that she is on her way to a normal life. She will obviously need the very perfect family as her forever home that understands her needs and accepts that this sweet young golden will always be a little different from her young counterparts.  GRINinc will keep you posted on her progress.


Summer has progressed with the first prosthetic and has recently been outfitted with the leg brace for her left leg. She is doing well these days and is learning very quickly how to get around with them. She has had several training/therapy sessions with specialists and will continue to see them as needed. Once she is comfortable with her devices on the front legs she will be able to undergo much needed bilateral THR surgeries. GRINinc is honored to be able to assist in the funding so this girl can have a bright and golden future. More updates will be posted as they become available from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc.


Gypsy (Faith) is a beautiful senior golden girl who has been extremely neglected throughout her life.  Gypsy has so many problems that are so indicative of this neglect.   Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan stepped in to make sure this golden girl will never suffer again.  Gypsy is now called FAITH…what a beautiful name and is so indicative of the attitude of the rescuers. They certainly do have faith in FAITH that she will one day be a healthy, adoptable golden. Right now Faith is in a wonderful foster home. Here is a list of Faith’s issues that she has endured in her former life: she was emaciated, her skin was extremely itchy and suspicious of Sarcoptic Mange with severe chronic skin changes, her vulva was grossly swollen with discharge, she was hypothyroid and her eyelids were folding in towards her corneas. Now here is what GRRoM has done for Faith….the Mange was treated, Faith is on allergy shots, she has been spayed and also her Entropian has been corrected and she is on medication to correct her hypothyroid condition!!   

GRRoM has continued to make sure that all of Faith’s issues have been addressed and of course the veterinarian bills are ongoing and expensive. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program has been there to assist our fellow rescue partners manage Faith’s bills with a generous grant.


Madison is a very young, sweet golden girl who ended up in Broward shelter.  She was found emaciated and wandering in this county. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue stepped up and rescued Madison from the shelter. Madison is an “orthopedic nightmare”.  Dr. Dee, the orthopedist for EGRR, told them that she does not have one normal bone in her body …they are all curved and twisted.  Yet, she is happy and tries so hard to run and plays like a normal young golden.  EGRR and Dr. Dee worked very hard to help Madison.  Dr. Dee actually presented her case to a vet at Michigan State University.  The specialist at Michigan State wants to do a special surgery whereby he replaces her one hip with a specialized, customized hip joint.  It is his hope that by replacing the worse joint in Madison’s body it will allow her to take the pressure off the other joints and not be in pain…and hopefully have a normal life. The vet
expenses have accumulated to almost $3,000 already. The special surgery at Michigan State University would be an additional $10,000.  EGRR knows this must be done to give Madison a chance to experience
a normal life. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program has awarded a grant to EGRR to help offset Madison’s extensive veterinarian bills.  Madison does deserve a second chance and we are happy that EGRR has given her that chance. We will keep you updated on Madison’s progress. For now, she is in a loving foster home.


Oakley, another one of EGRR’s special needs golden, was found as a stray. He is guestimated to be around 7-8 years old.  He was emaciated and had a softball size tumor on his neck.  Once Oakley was an EGRR dog, he was immediately taken to one of their network veterinarians and it was determined that this tumor was indeed cancer….thyroid carcinoma.  Because of its size and location it was determined inoperable. The vet gave him 2 months to live. Maintaining a healthy weight was impossible and Oakley became weaker and sicker.  Oakley’s foster “DAD” decided to ask EGRR’s permission to take him to a veterinary oncologist for a second opinion. It was determined that if Oakley could handle treatment and EGRR was willing to pay the high vet bills for radiation/chemo it was worth a try to help save this boy’s life. Oakley has now gone through a series of radiation and chemo treatments and the tumor is ¼ the size of the original tumor and continues to shrink. He is now gaining weight and Oakley’s life expectancy is an addition 2-4 years!

Thank you to EGRR and Oakley’s foster Dad for going the extra mile so that this golden boy has extra time to enjoy a wonderful, new life. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program is proud to be a small part in Oakley’s positive progress.

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