Our Gifted Goldens

Scotty Sr. was found in July 2013 in extremely poor condition and turned into a shelter near Atlanta.  The rescue group in the area, ADOPT A GOLDEN ATLANTA ,brought him into the rescue.  He lived at the veterinary hospital for three weeks while being treated for many illnesses. The veterinarian felt that during his lifetime (he is guestimated to be around 10 yrs old) had had been severely neglected to the point of abuse.   Scotty is heartworm positive with an enlarged heart and some lung disease.  His entire back was one big hot spot that contained maggots.  His colon was full of rocks. The rocks were removed during the surgery to remove a mass on the spleen.  Among other problems he was covered with fleas and ticks and severely malnourished.  The "before" photo of Scotty Sr. is hard to look at and very alarming but the "after" photo soothes the soul.  Isn’t he handsome….!!!!!  Thanks to AGA, upon arrival Scotty Sr. has been in excellent hands; he is so well loved and has healed very well.  Scotty lives in a permanent foster home…with another golden who is his friend and he is doing great!

Adopt A Golden could have walked away from Scotty knowing full well that he would be an expensive dog to treat ….but they did not. They gave Scotty Sr. a second chance and what a life he now has!  Golden Rescue In Naples,Inc’s  Gifted Golden Program was honored to be a part of Scotty’s life by awarding a grant to this fine rescue.

Scotty Sr.


Toby is a 7 year male golden that was rescued earlier this fall by Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue. Toby is as sweet as they come and enjoys his comfort. All would be well except that he has a large mass on his right elbow. The rescue has authorized extensive surgery and the pathology, unfortunately, has come back as a Hemangiosarcoma. This is a tumor that can spread to other areas of the body. Toby is enjoying his life as a permanent foster dog with the President of the rescue. Jeannie vows that he will have the best life possible for whatever time he has left. Thank you to FGRR, of South Carolina, for helping this sweet, very handsome boy.


Danny is a young exuberant boy that was turned into the local shelter by an older couple. The shelter staff thinks he was too much energy for this family to handle. FGRR rescued Danny because he had a problem with his leg..."tibial tuberosity avulsion" i.e.: An avulsion fracture occurs when a bone breaks and a fragment of the bone is separated by the pull of an attaching muscle, tendon or ligament. Danny underwent surgery and his doing just fine. He also is on his way to his forever home very soon! A very good ending to what could have been a very sad ending. Had FGRR not been there to rescue Danny, we are sure the shelter would have euthanized him as he was not considered adoptable because of his injury.



Snickers is an older girl , maybe around 12, that was adopted by FGRR but was returned years later because the family was unable to care for her as she aged. We all know that senior dogs require more medical care than when they were younger and sometimes the care is just above and beyond what a family can financially handle. So as with any reputable rescue, FGRR took Snickers back into their rescue program. After visiting the vet, it was determined that Snickers needed to have surgery to remove a mass. She is doing well and has been adopted by her foster family who will continue to meet her needs.



Wilfred is the definition of a rescue. He had apparently been living on the streets for quite a while. His dew claws had circled around and grew through his leg and out the other side. He was dragging a 2 foot piece of briers and when he sat they would stick him. He was covered with fleas and flea dirt. He did not have one tick. The vet said he was so anemic ticks could not survive on him. He was totally emaciated, weighing in at 34 pounds. He is not neutered and is in no shape to be neutered. The vet also reported he has a huge load of heartworms. His eyes were very sad to me as they had a horrible infection and we thought he was blind. But, since the eyes are cleared up, he sees ok for an old gent. 

 Wilfred is now flea free and well-fed He has not been able to gain much weight, even though he has a great appetite. The vet told us the heartworm load uses all of his nourishment. We build a tower in the middle of his food bowl as his front teeth are very ground down and it is hard for him to eat food on the side of the bowl. His tail did not wag for a while, but now Wilfred has reason to wag his tail.  Living the life that Wilfred apparently lived; he has the typical fears of a neglected and abused dog. He is scared of a loud voice, but not thunder, he is afraid of doorways, he is afraid of a raised hand and he is scared of men. But now he does not cower and try to disappear all the time. He loves to be petted and talked to.  Wilfred tilts his head to one side. We assumed it had to do with the cataracts in his eyes but the vet said it is a neurological problem. It makes us wonder if he was hit in the head.  Wilfred has come a long way. He is able to do a little trot around the yard. He comes immediately when he is called. He wants to be with his people. This sweet elderly gent, the vet predicts 10+, has never had an accident in our house. He takes treats with the softest mouth. He doesn't dig in the yard, he doesn't chew things up, and he does not bark.

Yes, Wilfred has hearing loss, cataracts, ground down teeth, missing hair, heartworms, not neutered, tilts his head to one side, and is over 10 years old, but FHGRR realized he deserves a good life. He is worthy of the investment FHGRR must make to get him healthy and GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program is happy to help through a grant  for Wilfred.



Here is a picture of Bell, a one year old golden girl that ended up in a high kill shelter. She was in very bad shape, unable to walk and deemed to die soon. Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc. was there to pull Bell from this place and give her a second chance at life. She was so young, so sweet and so innocent and VERY determined to live. She was taken to a critical care unit where she stayed for many days. Not only did she have a broken pelvis but she was full of BBs, which the surgeon decided was better to leave inside her than try to "dig" them out and do any potential damage. The surgeon's theory was that she was shot with a BB gun, ran, and was hit by a car breaking her pelvis. She is now in her forever home and doing very well.  Thank you to Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc for not turning their back on this girl. They knew the veterinary expenses would be extremely high but they could not say "no" to Bell. This type of situation, taking in a dog despite the expensive bills ahead, encouraged the inception of GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program. This is why we feel it is very important that GRINinc be there to award grants to these fine golden rescues who truly sacrifice for the animals they save.


Here is Maverick. He was rescued by Joshua's House Rescue for Golden Retrievers in Florida. He came into the rescue with a severe respiratory infection. Also there were indications that his kidneys were not working correctly.  After being treated for the respiratory infection, Maverick underwent many tests , including an ultrasound, to determine the extent of his kidney disease. He is three yrs old and chronic renal failure is the diagnosis. The rescue has  spent over $7000 on him and he is holding his own but of course receives fluids and other medications along with occasional intensive care.  He is well loved, well cared for and at this point most likely will remain a permanent foster dog for the rescue...which means the veterinarian bills will be the sole responsibility of the rescue. We wish Joshua's House and Maverick the very best in the future.  We admire the rescue's determination to improve Maverick's life ...we also admire them for taking a dog in Maverick's condition into their rescue. This IS what rescue is all about....and this IS what GRIN's Gifted Golden Grant program is all about......

Maverick (our 2nd Maverick)

Peaches was rescued by Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue of Ohio. Her story is quite complicated and rather sad but her life has improved greatly since she entered the rescue. Peaches, age 14+, was owned by an older couple who traveled often. While on their trip Peaches was a boarder at the local vet's office. She became very sick and this particular vet was afraid she would lose her life. They could not get in touch with her family so the vet asked Golden Treasurers to help. Of course, legally they could do nothing since the owner's could not be contacted. Peaches held on until the owners came home...they took her home, never approved any medical care and Peaches went back to her lifestyle...which was to live outside. A volunteer from Golden Treasures visited them only to find Peaches was on death's door ....still outside.. the volunteer pleaded with the owners to turn her over to rescue. Surgery was done at a critical care hospital and it saved Peaches's life.  She is a remarkable golden girl with a strong willed spirit. Peaches has found a new home...a loving home that is especially endeared to our white faced golden friends. The photo shows Peaches after her recovery. Look at that smile and the bright golden eyes!  She is a happy girl! GRINinc was honored to award a grant to such a deserving rescue and a special golden girl. 


Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland came upon a horder/breeder situation in their state . They were able to rescue two pups named Parker ( now Yoshi) and Sophia ( now Bailey) from this horrible situation. The pups were hanging onto life by a thread ....they had the dreaded disease ...killer disease called Parvo.  The rescue spent much time and money on trying to save these little ones and they did succeed. The veterinary cost far exceeded what they expected. 

Yoshi and Bailey are now adopted and thriving in their new homes! They are very lucky little pups as most young puppies do not survive Parvo.  We know they will have a long, wonderful life ahead of them because they are true survivors.

Princess is also from Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland. She belonged to a homeless family and was turned into the rescue in quite a state. Princess is about 8-9 yrs old with severe hip dysplasia.  When the rescue did their usual blood work etc for a senior dog they discovered that something was not right. It was also found that she had a mast cell tumor ( cancer) that had already spread to her lungs and liver.  Princess' foster family adopted her and are doing everything they can to make sure she enjoys the time she has left. They have made a ramp for her so that she can go everywhere and they offer her unconditional love and lots of TLC!  Princess is also a very lucky girl. 

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program awarded grants to GRR of Southern Maryland for these three dogs.  This rescue was a prior recipient for our grants. They have always taken in the dogs that most would turn away and have gone above and beyond to help their seniors and special needs dogs. 

Yoshi, Bailey & Princess

Baby has been adopted by a former adopter with Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. There is nothing more that can be done medically for Baby.  She does have a doggie wheelchair however she is not eager to use it.  EGRR will always take her back into their rescue if the new family does not work out.  She is a special needs dog , very sweet but obviously there is care involved. We wish the best for Baby and her new family.


We’d like you to meet Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue’s very special rescued girl named “Baby”.

Baby was taken from a horrific situation by someone who was determined to find out what had happened to her when her elderly owner collapsed and was taken away by ambulance. She and a couple of neighbors went to the man’s house, where they found a poor, pathetic Golden laying in her own feces and urine, unable to walk. She was barely alive and covered in all sorts of filth. Her nails were over two inches long and curled under, apparently not having been clipped in years.

EGRR took Baby to their vet and had x-rays and blood work. It showed her hips and spine were destroyed by arthritis. However, the vet felt her primary condition was neurological so Baby was taken to a neurologist. A variety of diagnostic/treatment issues were discussed and EGRR settled on a rehab program. She received laser treatments, acupuncture, underwater treadmill, massages and exercises…all to help her walk. At this point in time (May 2013) she is walking on her own and progressing. She goes to therapy sessions three times a week and is in a loving foster home.

As you can imagine, this therapy is extremely expensive and Baby has a very long way to go. So Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue applied for one of our Gifted Golden Grants. We were happy to be one of Baby’s “heroes” by awarding a grant to offset the expensive veterinarian care that Baby has received


UPDATE 2013: RIP - Baby died suddenly from a neurological disorder.

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