Our Gifted Goldens

Zoe is 10 years young but her medical condition is taking its toll....on her health and her family's hearts and pocketbook. Zoe has a recurrent, benign tumor that grows very rapidly covering her left ear and face.  Zoe's family asked their local Golden Retriever Rescue for some assistance. GRRSF offered to take Zoe into the rescue and Zoe has since had extensive and reconstructive surgery to remove the tumor.  She may need another surgery in the future ...but hopefully just one more. Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida applied to our Gifted Golden Program to help with Zoe's medical bills. GRINinc was there for them and for beautiful Zoe.  



Meet Golden...yes a Golden Retriever with the name of GOLDEN!!  In his senior years, Golden found himself looking for a new home.  He had a history of seizures and his family could not financially take care of him. Enter Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue ..... they took Golden into their rescue and proceeded to give him his basic veterinary care and more. The investigation of why he has seizures began and many expensive tests were done.  Ultimately Golden needed to be on two medications for his seizures.  EGRR supported Golden for those many months while he remained in foster care. EGRR applied to GRINinc.'s grant program for financial assistance. GRINinc was proud to assist with the extensive medical bills for this wonderful senior boy.  After all, this is what our Gifted Golden Grant program is all about!!!   After being in foster care for months Golden found his forever home. 

His new family says ... Golden is so easy to have around.  Some dogs fill a space and add their unique energy. He slips in, takes a spot, sits back and surveys the situation. All he sends out is gentleness and love, grateful for any attention and content to be part of the pack.



Stevie, named after Stevie Wonder by Golden Rescue South Florida, is a survivor.  He came into their rescue with several other older goldens. All were in deplorable condition. Stevie was heartworm positive and also had severe glaucoma. He was in tremendous pain, he was undernourished...he was in very bad shape. They were not sure he would make it however he had a very strong will to live. Step by step the rescue chipped away at his problems, taking the most serious first. Stevie visited the veterinarian eye specialist many times.  After several expensive treatments he is free of pain; although blind, it has not slowed him down. Stevie has been adopted by a wonderful family who allows him to be himself...to find his way around and to explore all the while keeping him close by . "He turns in the driveway all by himself - he knows when he is at his house.  He is making his way to the bed by himself - hops on hope chest.  He has plenty of toys - and loves the squeaky ones.  He runs a lot in his dog dreams. I think he is the most loving golden I have ever met, what a sweet dog.  So happy he is with us " 

So although Stevie has been through so much in his lifetime, he is enjoying his second chance at life and feeling well and wearing those fashionable sunglasses~!!  How cool is that golden boy! 

GRINinc's funding program eagerly assisted Golden Rescue South Florida with Stevie's extensive
veterinarian bills!



Zeke came into GRINinc's Charlotte County Chapter as a stray. The young  golden was hanging around a school yard...following the kids around as they played outside.  Who knows what his life was like...he was homeless and without an owner.   He ended up in a high kill shelter where he contracted kennel cough.  

Of course the first thing a reputable rescue does is take their new dog to the vet.  One of our network veterinarians gave him a drug in good faith to help him with the respiratory infection.  Zeke had a very severe autoimmune reaction to this drug.  He found himself under the care of a Critical Care veterinarian.  The Chapter took him to the best specialists they could.  These specialists and the network veterinarians saved him. His golden spirit has never wavered during this ordeal.  He remained sweet and loving. Right now Zeke is on the rebound! He is a great dog...a special dog...a survivor.

GRINinc was there for our chapter with a grant to help with the very expensive care.  Zeke's bills have totaled over $2000 since coming into rescue.

Zeke's health continues to improve but he will continue to need veterinary check ups throughout the coming months. The GREAT news is Zeke has found his "forever" home. He now lives with another golden Zack. They are inseparable!! 



Dudley was found as a stray and eventually turned over to Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue of North Carolina.  Once their vet checked him out it was determined that he is about 2-3 years old and had been hit by a car which caused a broken pelvis.  It seemed that the pelvis had healed without surgery (just imagine the pain this poor boy endured) and by the time the rescue took him in it was too late for surgery.  Nerves were severed as a result of this accident ...the nerves that control his ability to defecate and urinate on his own.  After a couple of weeks at the vet with lots of medications his ability to defecate was regained.   He did not regain complete control over his urination.  

Dudley has spent many weeks at the specialty clinic where a cystostomy tube was implanted on April 13.  Since this time the tube has failed to do its work and he is on many medications to control his incontinence.  The folks from Cape Fear GRR assure GRINinc that they are doing everything they can to help Dudley ....he is a very lucky boy that has no idea he is "broken".  He loves to carry toys and run and play with other dogs.    

A special home will indeed be needed for this sweet golden boy and they continue to have hope that one day he will find his home...a home filled with love, patience and care that he so deserves.   GRINinc has been there to assist Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue and Dudley by issuing a grant to help them with veterinarian bills that are over $2000. We will keep you updated on Dudley's progress and will for sure gladly announce to the golden world when he is in a loving home. 

UPDATE 2010:  Dudley had a breakthrough over the last couple weeks. Two vet techs witnessed him squatting to pee outside and a full stream of urine came out. A few days prior to that one tech witnessed something similar when they went outside.  Also... in his run there was an actual puddle of urine one day instead of the little drips that are often in his run due to the "incontinence" issue.  So... baby steps and a ray of hope. Our specialty vet indicated that he needs time... hopefully just more time for everything to reconnect on its own and start working properly. Dudley has been adopted by the veterinarian who has cared for him and his special needs since he was brought into the rescue. 

UPDATE 2011 RIP Sweet Dudley



“I Will Survive” is the song running through this 8 year old boy’s head. Rally was picked up by Animal Control in North Texas and had a laceration from ear to ear across the top of his neck. We aren’t sure about his past, but his future sure looks bright thanks to Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas. Rally has had surgery to repair his significant wounds and is healing well and loves lying on is big Dallas Cowboy pillow in the evenings. Even after all the surgeries, Rally has a very trusting nature.


As Rally heals, his golden personality is beginning to blossom. A few of his favorite things to do are take long naps, ride in the car, and be close to his human family. He also really enjoys the food left on the counter so we are working on correcting this habit. 

Rally is heartworm positive so the rescue will be starting his treatment just as soon as he has recovered from his surgeries. He will be available for adoption when he has recovered from his injuries and heartworm disease.


Although Texas is out of our Gifting Program territory, we found Rally to be a very special senior who is part of a 501c3 rescue that could use our financial assistance because of the expensive veterinary bills.  Although no one knows his past, we can only suspect that perhaps Rally was a bait dog for a dog fighting ring…..everyone knows about dog fighting rings but no one believes that a golden could be involved.  The people that run dog fighting rings do choose large, well tempered dogs as their bait dogs…and yes goldens are VERY much wanted by these horrible people.  All this is behind Rally….he is onto a wonderful life because of the special people with Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas. GRINinc., because of our donator’s dedication and generosity, can be a part of Rally’s “I will survive”.

UPDATE 2011: Rally has been adopted and is doing very well.  His large neck wound has healed nicely and so has his heart.  He is loved and well cared for.


Another wonderful golden in need .....Sweet Brandy was struck by a car and her owners could not afford the cost of her medical care. A quick thinking employee at the animal hospital treating Brandy suggested she be signed over to Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue in Tenn. in lieu of euthanasia. One of their local volunteers was contacted and asked if Heartland could pay for Brandy's care and find her a forever home. How could they not help this little girl?  Four year old Brandy has a broken left shoulder and left leg. She was transferred to a facility for  surgery scheduled to take place on January 20th. Brandy is in foster care after a surgery that went very well. The surgery alone cost Heartland GRR over $1600. Heartland is a small rescue that has very limited funding but they are ALWAYS there for the Goldens. Heartland Rescue applied to GRINinc. for assistance. We hear that Brandy is doing very well and after her next veterinarian appointment at the end of the month, she will going to a forever home.           
Brandy is a very lucky golden girl.

UPDATE 2010:  
Brandy has found a forever family who will see Brandy through her long healing process.  Lucky Brandy and another happy outcome!


Say HELLO to Maggie Lee, an 11 year old golden with special needs. Maggie Lee is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving senior golden girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Maggie Lee came into rescue because her owner, as is all to common these days, fell on hard times and could no longer care for her. Maggie Lee at 11 years has such a zest for life and play and most of all, companionship, that is beyond compare. Just look into those dark brown, bright eyes and you will see her heart. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys romping (actually, pouncing) on her golden brother, but really enjoys when you cradle her head in your hands and give her kisses…yes she likes that very much. Maggie Lee is spayed and in fairly good health for a senior. She has been on Phenobarbital for seizures since 2005 and has been well controlled on this medication. GRINinc's funding program for special needs senior goldens has assisted the Charlotte County Chapter with Maggie Lee's veterinary care. 

UPDATE 2010:  GRINinc is happy to report that Maggie Lee has been adopted by her foster dad!

Maggie Lee

GRINinc's Funding Program is awarding Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue a grant for Comet's expensive medical bills. A large growth was found on his thyroid, large enough to displace his larynx and esophagus. EGRR, of course, took the necessary steps to remove the lump.  It was a tedious surgery as the lump was close to a couple of the major arteries in the neck. The growth was biopsied and it came back as cancer but the prognosis is very good per the veterinarian. Comet is still waiting for a FOREVER HOME through Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. Below is Everglades GRR narrative about this sweet boy.

Gender: Male
Age: 10
Status: Adoption pending through Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue

One of our volunteers spotted Comet on the shelter website, where he was listed as 5 yrs, 9 mo. of age.  We immediately contacted the shelter for information about him and were told he was really 10.  We were also told that he was blind, that he had escaped from his yard, and that his owners were coming to pick him up the day before Thanksgiving. When we saw his picture was still on their website after the Thanksgiving weekend, we realized that no owner had come to claim him, so we did!

The first thing our volunteer noticed was that Comet was NOT blind. The vet at the shelter said nothing about his vision in the report, and Comet saw well enough to run out of the shelter to the truck waiting for him, and he jump right in.  Our vet confirmed that there is nothing wrong with his vision.

Foster Home Update: Comet is completely housebroken. He is not blind but he has a severe hearing loss.  Fortunately, since there are other dogs in his foster home, he takes all his cues from them and is very well behaved.  He would do best in a home with another dog. 

UPDATE 2010:  
Comet had his 6 month check up and NO signs of the cancer returning!
A happy ending  -- Comet has been adopted by his foster family


Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue received this urgent email:  "We need to find a home for this very sweet, blind, older golden called Charlie.  His photo is attached.  He is in the Haywood County Shelter in North Carolina until Monday 9/21.  Please call me if you can help save him."


A rescue volunteer went immediately to the shelter to save this sweet senior boy. He was dropped off at a kill shelter by his owner....just discarded.  Charlie is blind from glaucoma. Obviously the owners never did anything to help this poor boy.  His pressures in his eye were so high that it was most certain that he had the equivalent of a human migraine all the time. Can you imagine?  


And yet, despite the pain he has endured, he remained a gentle golden soul. Heartland Golden03 Retriever Rescue is always there for the special needs and the senior Goldens. Most of their dogs have some type of problem or are seniors.   Charlie is VERY lucky and can thank this wonderful rescue for allowing him a second chance in life.  After discussing the alternatives with the ophthalmologist, the rescue decided the best thing for their sweet boy would be to inject his eye with gentamycin antibiotic versus enucleation.  This will essentially "kill" the eye and make him pain free and allow him to not require eye drops for glaucoma.  His eye was injected.  It should shrink over the next few weeks.  


Charlie B is doing much better. He has a smile on his adorable face and has begun enjoying life. 

GRINinc heard about Charlie through the "rescue grapevine" and decided that Charlie is a fine example of a golden that our Gifted Golden mission can assist. Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue has received a grant for Charlie's medical care.

UPDATE 2010:  Very happy news -- Charlie has now been adopted !!

Charlie B.

Meet Petey!  He was found as a stray, ending up in a shelter. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue brought him into their organization. Petey had an unsightly injury to his groin. The people at EGRR felt that this sweet, happy boy would have to go as a “special needs” dog, because, in all likelihood, this was a life-long condition that couldn’t be fixed and most likely not accepted by most homes looking for that wonderful young golden.


However, after a visit to a very compassionate vet in the Keys, EGRR was told that there was an excellent chance that surgery would completely take care of his injury. Of course the people at EGRR  readily agreed to do whatever was necessary to give Petey a normal life.


The wonderful news is that he is almost fully healed from the surgery and is, amazingly, completely put back together. There will be NO permanent damage from the injury or the surgery!  The surgery was very costly for Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. After application to our funding program, EGRR received a check from GRINinc. to cover some of Petey's surgery bills.

Petey is about 1 year old, and he still has some of those endearing puppy traits. Petey's foster parents  do not think he ever saw a toy before he came here because he never stops playing with them. Petey has lots of energy and will run around the yard and chase balls for long periods of time. He’s a typical, fun-loving, high energy Golden puppy.


He’s great with adults and children, and gets along well with other animals, including cats! For a dog that got off to such a bad start he is doing great and is a happy spirit . 

Petey is still looking for his forever home. 


UPDATE 2009:   Great news -- Petey has now been adopted!


Meet Nicholas (age 10) and Reese "Pieces"  (age 8). They are from the Lake Okeechobee area.  These dogs have spent their entire life outside, mostly confined to a pen but "allowed" to roam the vast property for a very short time everyday.  This golden pair needed to find a new home due to the foreclosure of the property. Many local Florida rescues could not take Nicholas and Reese into their organization.

GRINinc offered to pay for their basic care in order to hopefully make it easier for a rescue to help.  Unfortunately, no Florida rescues would help, but Adopt A Golden Atlanta offered to take them if we could get them to Atlanta.  GRINinc went to work and soon Reese and Nicholas were on their way thanks to a wonderful, dedicated volunteer named Pam. GRINinc paid for the basic medical care and transportation for these two senior Goldens. Unfortunately, and expected, they are both heartworm positive and Nicholas has a Mast Cell tumor that has been removed. Nicholas and Reese are happy, together, in their foster home ... the Atlanta rescue has vowed to keep them together! Thank you to all who assisted in the Nicholas and Reese story.

UPDATE 2010: 

Both Nicholas and Reese are now HW free and both were adopted......not together, but they both have at least one other golden of the opposite sex in their new homes and seem quite happy :)

Nicholas and Reese

Taffy is a one year old female spayed Golden that came to Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue, young, cute, we thought with no apparent health issues. But upon a complete physical exam, we found that Taffy did indeed have a health issue, a very serious heart problem. She has been evaluated at the University of Florida.  They are not really sure what is going on except that Taffy has right side heart enlargement, all valves leak and Myocardial dysfunction. The prognosis so far is still unknown, but at this time Taffy is on hold for adoption.

Taffy is living with Ellen Pavlik (president) of Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue, and her five Golden Boys and husband John. Taffy is enjoying life at the Pavlik farm. What the future holds for Taffy is still unknown. She will be re-evaluated in September at the University.

UPDATE 2009:  
Great news, Taffy went back to the University for a re check on her heart, no change, but they said since she has no symptoms she could live a normal life? They said she has as much of a chance as any other dog to either have it get worse or get cancer or something else. So as far as I am concerned as long as we let the people know she does have some heart irregularities no reason not to adopt her. Actually the doctor really wanted her, but his life style is to busy to give a dog the life it deserves. But she really worked him....


Taffy (now Shaylee) has been adopted. Shaylee is now in her forever home, where she is very happy and also enjoying having a big brother. Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue will continue to be guardian angels for Shaylee and will cover any medical expenses associated with her heart concerns.