Our Gifted Goldens

Maverick is a 6 year old golden that was left with a friend while his previous owners were moving out of state. They WERE supposed to come back for him....they never did. The friend was unable to keep Maverick permanently so he called Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue. GT was right there to take in Maverick and find him a new home.  Almost immediately, they noticed that he had trouble walking.  Off to the vet and it was found that he had bilateral ruptures in his knee joints. Maverick  has just undergone bilateral knee surgery and is recovering in his foster home. He has been through quite a bit ...the next home will be his forever home and he will never be left behind again. Maverick's vet bills  are amazingly high. A Golden Rescue In Naples Gifted Golden grant was awarded to Golden Treasures  to help defray the costs of this surgery.



Gypsy is a 7 year old golden who was surrendered to Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in Raleigh NC.  According to the owners, her health was just fine although for the last 3-4 years Gypsy had been an outside dog and, obviously, not well taken care of. Once a volunteer with the rescue took a look at her she knew her health was compromised. Gypsy had been neglected, was very overweight and had a huge tumor growing between her eyes. As always, the rescue did what they needed to do to help this sweet girl. A biopsy indicated that it was a malignant peripheral nerve sheath sarcoma ..a very rare tumor that if untreated would be fatal. The rescue quickly set up a surgery to remove this mass. Because of where the mass is located, it could not be totally removed. There is a good chance it may come back. However if Gypsy is closely monitored and it is removed quickly upon return then her prognosis is good. So Gypsy remains with her foster family. The rescue is hoping to find a special forever family for her. This family, will of course, be made aware of her medical condition. If a special family does not come into her life, Neuse River will continue to monitor Gypsy and provide whatever care, no matter the cost, to her. Gypsy has been described as an "amazing dog with excellent house manners" She has lost 7 pounds and is thriving! GRINinc was honored to award Neuse River GRR a grant to cover some of Gypsy's surgery. 



This is Barney. He joined Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue of Ohio at age 7 months, with severe hip dysplasia. The previous owners knew he needed help badly and couldn't afford it. Barney was in foster care until he was old enough to undergo the hip replacement. Yes, he needed total hip replacement. Barney's vet bills were well over $4000. Now that the hip is healing and he's as good as new, the rescue will be be looking for a forever home for cute Barney! 



Ben came into Golden Treasures rescue a while ago. At the time he was over 130 lbs. with two bad knees. He also had  seizures and was totally depressed. Ben has gone through quite a bit but one by one his problems are improving thanks to the dedication and efforts of Golden Treasures to make sure he is well taken care of. Ben had surgery on one of his knees, is now down to an average weight and hasn't had a seizure since within 3 months of his becoming a Golden Treasure. Poor boy recently needed extensive surgery to remove a Mast Cell tumor. Given his track record, we're sure Ben will come out on top.  Ben will remain a permanent foster dog of Golden Treasures. The rescue will be responsible for his care for the remainder of his life.



This senior fella wasn't in Golden Treasures rescue  too long before it was discovered that he had swallowed something that he shouldn't....a sock. Thankfully, the foster home noticed and rushed him off to the vet, where they had to surgically remove a foreign body to save his life.  Bentley ended up having the best surgeon around the area to make sure he would come through the surgery just fine. After spending a few days in the hospital and great care in his foster home, Bentley is fully recovered. He is looking for his forever home and he promises socks will not be on the menu ever again.



Caramel came into Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue along with his life-long pal, Moose. The owners turned him in because they couldn’t afford to care for him anymore. Obviously, that situation had been going on for a while, because Caramel had a 6-lb tumor removed from his leg. Had the owners done something about it before they decided they couldn’t afford him, he wouldn’t have had to go through the major, extensive surgery that he did. The biopsy showed a GRADE II Nerve sheath tumor which requires Caramel to undergo radiation therapy at Ohio State University. That’s all behind him now and he is doing well. Caramel's veterinarian bills were close to $3000 for his surgery alone. GRINinc was gratified to help Golden Treasures with a grant to offset some of Caramel’s expenses.

UPDATE: Caramel has been adopted along with his friend, Moose. Here are photos of Caramel with his new family and “spooning” with Moose. GRINinc is delighted that the boys were adopted together into a Golden loving home


Bert is a senior golden boy who was brought into Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, South Carolina. Upon arriving at the vet it was noted that Bert had a large growth in his mouth and he had a GRADE 1 infestation of heartworm disease.  The priority of the rescue was to establish what the growth is and treat it appropriately. Foothills GRR spent many hours visiting various specialists to determine the best treatment for Bert. It was decided to excise the growth as completely as possible without putting Bert through major surgery and radiation. The surgery was done. The Acanthomatous epulis was not completely removed but the majority of it is gone along with a tooth!!  Bert is doing very well. He completed his heartworm treatment and is now taking " walkies" with his foster family's  dogs. They are checking his mouth frequently and so far it looks fine. He is eating well and is ready for a forever home. Bert is very laid back and likes nothing better than to just hang out with the foster family.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program assisted Foothills GR rescue with the large veterinarian bills that incurred from consultations through to the surgery.   

UPDATE: Bert has been adopted. He has a forever home.


Colby was found him in the middle of the road in Pickens, SC mid August during a rainstorm. He was drinking water from a ditch and was almost hit by several cars. After a brief chase, he finally laid down in a field and the wonderful good Samaritan  fed him some treats. She picked him up, put him in her car and took him home. He was seriously malnourished and skittish.  She called Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, SC to see what she should do and they suggested that she "foster" him until something else was decided.  She made an appointment with  Foothills GRR's veterinarian who checked Colby the next week.

It was determined that Colby was 6-8 months old at the time and had a hard life for such a young pup! He had sarcoptic mange, ear mites, fleas, and several broken bones including his jaw, leg, and hips.

He is now roughly a year old and is a great young dog! Since August, he's gained weight and is a lot healthier!  Colby currently lives  with his foster-mom ( his rescue angel), 3 dachshunds and a Jack Russell Terrier who are his best friends. He absolutely loves being outside and can smell water from a mile away! He enjoys car rides, hiking, and any outdoor activity. Colby had hip surgery on March 8th, which will provide him with a better quality of life that he ultimately deserves!  Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue was there to help this young golden boy begin a new life. They have paid for Colby's veterinarian care since August .  GRINinc's Gifted Golden program was there for this rescue with a grant to assist with Colby's hip surgery.


UPDATE: Colby has been adopted and has a forever home.


GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE OF SOUTHERN MARYLAND contacted GRINinc. about a dog they recently brought into their rescue in hopes that we could assist them with the very costly but necessary veterinarian care they have given to a gentle golden soul. 

The dog's name is Rajah...a handsome 6 year old red boy who was near death when they finally got him from his owners. Rajah was diagnosed with diabetes at some time in his recent life. His owner's gave him up because they couldn't afford his medical care.Thank goodness they called Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland just in time.  Rajah was just clinging to life.  By the time Rajah had made it to the rescue he was within a day or two of going into a coma and dying from untreated diabetes. Once he was relinquished, the rescue got him to an emergency/trauma hospital where he spent a couple of days being rehydrated and given IV antibiotics and insulin. 

He's now with his foster family playing tug of war with his canine companion despite being unable to see. Rajah developed cataracts due to untreated diabetes and is currently blind.  Rajah continues to have repeated blood work to try and stabilize his diabetes.  The combined emergency care and the multiple blood studies has cost this rescue over $3000. Once Rajah is stabilized on his twice daily insulin injections and new diet, he will be evaluated for surgery to restore his eyesight. The rescue is raising funds for this expensive surgery. Once Mr. Rajah is healthy, he will be available for adoption.  Rajah's veterinarians have high hopes that 2011 will be a wonderful year for Rajah. GRINinc's Gifted Golden program was there for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland  and Rajah. We applaud rescues who are dedicated to helping the seniors and special needs goldens. They are aware of the expense but are there for these sweet dogs....never a hesitation and GRINinc is there for them. 


Rajah has had his eye surgery and can see! His foster mom says “Rajah was a little slow realizing he could see again. Today he knows he can see and is looking at everything in his new home including our cat. He has beautiful brown eyes and has to wear the E-collar for another week.“ GRINinc. celebrates this fantastic report along with his Golden Retriever Rescue family.

Rajah went to the Ophthalmologist and he is an acceptable candidate for cataract extraction. Rajah is scheduled for surgery on April 19th (pretty cool since his birthday is April 20th). Once the surgery is complete he will never get diabetic cataracts again because he will have artificial lenses. We are excited and feel we are finally on the road to recovery. The Diabetes seems to be controlled .


Back in early July, a member of Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue came out of her office and found a note on her windshield.  The note stated that the family needed to find a home for their Golden Retriever. She called the phone number and was told that they had been given the dog as a puppy, but the children don't play with her. They would like Goldie to have a home with a family who will pay attention to her and love her. They also mentioned that she had allergies that they couldn't control. Goldie does in fact have horrible skin. She has spent her life living in the yard, exposed to the elements. That means heat, humidity, rain, bugs, and who knows what else. EGRR is starting Goldie on a course of medicated baths, antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs. She also requires a special food to avoid the many known food allergies.  Not much can be done about the environmental allergies other than making sure that Goldie is indoors with air-conditioning (of course...nothing but the best for our goldens!) Goldie visits the vet often for a refill on her current medications or a new medication to help keep her allergies, itching and skin infections under control.   Goldie also visited a dermatologist and, as suspected by skin testing, she has both food and environmental allergies.  EGRR has spent a lot of time and money with the goal of improving Goldie's quality of life. GRINinc is very supportive of EGRR's willingness to take a dog like Goldie into their organization fully knowing the expense and often frustration of dealing with an allergy dog. Goldie is a lucky girl and GRINinc wishes her the very best for the rest of her life!

UPDATE: Goldie has been adopted by her foster family and is doing very well. Her allergies are under control now and she will have a forever home of love and care. GRINinc is pleased to have been able to contribute to her medical costs.

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