Our Gifted Goldens

Skylar was picked up by Miami Animal Control and it was pretty apparent that he had been involved in a trauma. He was possibly hit by a car. He had a horrible, horrible wound to his back right leg.  The shelter notified Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida (GRRS) that because of the severity of his injuries he faced euthanasia. But that was not going to happen! The rescue was there within an hour to pick him up and get him to their vet. He smelled horrible. They assumed it was from being just plain old filthy from the streets, but when they removed the temporary dressing the shelter put on him  the smell was overpowering - it was the infection in his wounds. Fortunately his leg was not broken, but unfortunately the wounds were very badly infected.

Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida has done everything they possibly can to improve Skylar’s health…and it has worked. Here is an update on Skylar with some new photos…happy photos of a handsome golden boy. Thank you to this special rescue that went above and beyond to help him. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden program is behind them all the way, we applaud the dedication of this rescue and therefore GRINinc has awarded the rescue a grant to cover some of Skyler’s medical bills.

Skylar update:  He is doing much better. He is a love bug! If he is not wandering around with his tennis ball, he is laying his head on your knee or foot to get petted.  We think he is starting to learn that he doesn't need to be afraid of everything in the world.. He has more energy than a 5 year old dog. His favorite activity after climbing into bed or onto the couch is rolling on his back in the middle floor talking to his tennis ball.  Skylar is ready to find his forever home! 



Meet Ballot! This golden boy was discovered in an East coast shelter. When Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue asked the Shelter about this boy, they were told that he was old, about 10 to 13 years, and in very poor condition. The Shelter was wrong about his age; the vets feel he’s 7 or 8. He had been abandoned in an apartment fire. The shelter hoped his owners would come to claim him, but the best thing that EVER happened to Ballot was that he never saw his owners. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, and had infections all over his body. His eyes were infected, the rescue was told that he might be blind, his ears were infected, he had a yeast and fungal infection. From the very beginning, all Ballot wanted to do was eat and play. He gobbled treats (gently) as we waited for the vet to come examine him. He wagged his tail, begged to be petted.

 He was immediately put on IV fluids to re-hydrate him and given lots of food and TLC by the wonderful vet and the caring staff. Meantime, Everglades GRR wanted to see what they could do about his eyes. They took Ballot to the ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam.

He has a condition called "Dry eye" and he also has cataracts. It was determined that Ballot was a candidate for surgery to remove the cataracts . GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program was there for Ballot and Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue by awarding a grant towards the expense of the cataract surgery. From what we understand Ballot is doing very well after his surgery and is actively looking for his forever home. What a very lucky golden boy!



Phoebe was turned into TRIAD GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE, (NC) from a poorly kept breeding facility. She is a 3 year old beauty that was being used as a breeder dog at a rundown facility and had never been socialized with humans nor other dogs. When she came into Triad GRR she physically was in poor condition. He ears, paws were severely infected. Phoebe was in tremendous pain due to severe otitis in her right ear. Phoebe required extensive veterinary care and surgery to improve her health. Because she feared any human contact it was difficult for Triad rescue to find an appropriate foster home so Phoebe spent 2 months in boarding with hopes that the right foster home would come along. It takes tremendous patience and knowledge when dealing with a dog such as Phoebe. Triad’s President has taken Phoebe into her home to begin the long process of rehabilitation. Phoebe is coming along VERY, very slowly but those of us that do rescue realize that our confidence to help a dog like Phoebe comes from knowing that love, care and patience will eventually lead to the goal of presentingPhoebe be an adoptable golden. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program is honored to be a part of Phoebe’s rehabilitation by providing a grant to our friends at Triad Golden Retriever Rescue.



Queenie is a senior golden girl that found herself in a kill shelter on the East Coast of Florida. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue saved her and brought her into their rescue. She was matted, dirty and flea bitten. She appeared to be healthy but she did end up with a "cold" and needed to be isolated for a couple of weeks.  While at the vets she was found to have a splenic tumor which was removed. It was benign and now Queenie is in her new "forever home." GRINinc's Gifted Golden program awarded a grant to Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue to help offset Queenie's veterinary expenses. Queenie was adopted as of August 2012. 



Charlie was rescued by Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, WV.  Charlie found himself alone in a shelter shortly before July 4th. Once out of the shelter, the rescue determined that due to the holiday, Charlie needed to stay in boarding for a few days. While boarding, Charlie stopped eating, and began throwing up - huge quantities of "debris" (blanket, a rug, who knows). He was rushed to the local vet - and a blockage of foreign "matter" was found via x-rays. However, Charlie was not a candidate for surgery as he had probably inhaled vomitus and had a raging, life threatening case of double pneumonia. Charlie went through many tests and treatments for his intestinal blockage and his pneumonia. He was one very sick golden boy.  Charlie lost over 8 lbs. in less than one week. Charlie is now on his way to better health.  Although still weak and not himself, the vet feels he will make a full recovery. GRINinc's Gifted Golden program issued a grant to help offset over $1500 worth of treatment and care for Charlie.

Charley Grant


Courtney was on the run.....for at least two months until G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of NE Florida, Inc. finally caught her.  She lived in the woods by a very busy intersection, surfacing daily for food that was left for her and also to roam the area. When first spotted, she appeared to have recently had a litter of puppies which were never found and it was apparent that she had some serious facial trauma/disfiguration which was causing her tongue to hang out. She was eventually captured by a cat trap. Upon entry into the rescue , it was determined that her problems were making it difficult to eat normally and she had to slurp food and water into her mouth and each time she bit down , she bit her tongue because of her bad alignment of her teeth.  She also had a very bad respiratory infection. A Dental Veterinarian determined that she did have some previous fractures to her jaw and probably nerve damage. The only option was to pull her offending teeth to make her more comfortable. Courtney is doing well now and she was adopted by her foster family.  They love her dearly ...they are dealing with some residual problems from her horrific past life. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program awarded G.R.E.A.T a grant to help with the Dental Veterinarian's care. We are happy that Courtney was "captured" and we thank and applaud G.R.E.A.T for their devotion and perseverance to help Courtney start a new life. 

Courtney III

Chipp was a 6 month old Golden, turned into the animal shelter by his owner. He was hit by a car, bandaged and sent home because the owner could not afford any further medical treatment for his injuries. The owners were hoping he would heal without treatment and unfortunately that was not the case. The shelter contacted Triad Golden Retriever Rescue  who agreed to take responsibility for his care. Triad Golden Retriever Rescue decided he needed a second chance. He had nerve damage to the radial nerve and the decision was made by the veterinarian to amputate since he was use to not using the leg( the leg just dangled )  and he would be better off without it. The leg was amputated on March 9th and he did wonderful. Chipp came thru surgery like a champ. He has progressed and is doing great and acting like he never had surgery. The doctor is very happy and pleased with the progress he has made. Chipp has been adopted into a loving family and he is fitting into his new family perfectly. Chipp and TGRR are our newest recipients for our Gifted Golden Grant program. We are honored to be there for a wonderful, caring rescue and a most handsome, sweet golden pup!


Early in the day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in N.C. received a notice from someone telling them that there was a very old golden retriever who was on her way to be euthanized at a shelter in the Eastern part of North Carolina.  The shelter was closing for the long holiday weekend and the animals all had to go. A volunteer drove many hours to get to the shelter in time.  "Everyone was shocked at her condition, as her "shave" job had resulted in large gashes in her skin that had not been treated and had become infected. She smelled so badly that it took a series of baths over a few weeks to get rid of the stench. She has heartworm – which the rescue is treating with a "slow kill" method.  They also  found two mast cell tumors and removed them. She had ears so infected that she is partially deaf and cataracts that cloud her eyes making it difficult for her to see. She could not walk and had to be carried.  She stayed at the vet’s office to recover until her foster mom could pick her up late on Friday following Thanksgiving Day. What a pitiful girl she was. She was so weak and lethargic. She’d tremble uncontrollably for the first week she was in her foster home, but slowly her sweet little personality started to emerge."  She also has very bad hip dysplasia but the rescue is devoting its efforts and funding to making sure she is comfortable. Laser therapy and medications are helping Rain and she greets everyone and every day with a tail wag!  

UPDATE 2012:

Rain has some great news. She is going to be taken care of for the rest of her life by NRGRR.  She has become a permanent foster and will be able to stay with her foster family. That is wonderful news because she has become very comfortable with her routine and her life in foster care. She will be on medication for the rest of her life, so NRGRR will cover the costs and any other medical care she might need.  As Golden Rescue In Naples knows all too well, permanent foster dogs can be very expensive for an organization....but we love them and do what we need to do for these special dogs. Neuse River GRR has applied to GRINinc's GIFTED GOLDEN Funding program to help offset some of Rain's ongoing expenses.  Rain could be our poster child for the Gifted Golden Funding mission! Neuse River GRR did not walk away from her....this is exactly why we , through the generosity of our beloved donors, developed this award winning program...so that no senior or special needs Golden Retriever will ever be left behind because a rescue cannot afford to take in the dog. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Funding program was there for Rain and Neuse River GRR through a grant.


Life was perfectly normal for Miley, who was living with the same family since she was a tiny puppy; however, she had some allergies, which caused her to bite and scratch at her skin, making sores.  Again, this is not at all unusual in Goldens, and once a proper food is discovered, the allergies are under control and the skin problems disappear.  Unfortunately for Miley, her skin sores became infected with MRSI bacteria.  (This is the canine version of MRSA.)  Under normal circumstances, this infection does not cross species, but  a member of Miley's family was on a form of chemo, which suppressed his immune system, and his oncologist was fearful that he would pick up Miley's infection before she was cured.  Miley's tearful family surrendered her to Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. Their vet told them that this  infection is curable but it does take time and there are only a limited number of antibiotics that work towards a cure.  Miley is now on one of the expensive antibiotics. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue applied to GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program to offset some of Miley's veterinarian bills. She will remain in foster care and under the rescue's care until she is completely healed of this infection.


Last November, Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue received a call from another rescue group to come help Cody, a 7 month old, who was hit by a car, suffering a shattered pelvis and a break in the growth plate of the right femoral head.  He had been left at an Animal Hospital by his owners, who could not afford the expensive surgery to repair his injuries.  EGRR stepped forward and took him into their program. Cody is now living in a wonderful foster home while he undergoes extensive and expensive therapy. The therapy ranges from surgery to post op hospital care to intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. Although he has been through so much in his short life, Cody is a real fighter and is doing remarkably well. It is going to be a very long time in foster care for Cody as EGRR does not want to release him for adoption until he is well on his way to being the golden he once was.  EGRR has taken on Cody along with his very expensive bills to make sure this boy lives out a very safe and happy life. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is there to help them with the expenses.  

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