Our 10th Anniversary

Golden Rescue In Naples...10 years of success…successful because of our faithful, loyal, generous supporters.  Successful because of the many "hands on" volunteers...foster families, transporters, attendees at our fundraiser venues. Since our inception we have helped 428 dogs and awarded over 50 grants to help senior/special needs dogs in other Golden Retriever rescues as well as grants awarded to our own GRINinc dogs to offset some very expensive vet bills their families incur.  However...numbers do not matter...what really matters is that we have helped each of these dogs start a new life...in a home that is "designed specifically" for their needs.  We are a personal rescue where each and every dog is given all the dedication and love that she/he requires and deserves. We must honor our Mascot, Rose, who passed away on Sept. 20 2013.  Rose is the reason that GRINinc was founded...she gave me the ambition, determination, strength and courage to start an organization from scratch...knowing no one here in FL. It was all for Rose...Rose was given a second chance and I knew there were many others lost, rejected, and ill that could benefit from GRINinc's help.  It is amazing what power one special golden friend can have over our hearts.