Our Gifted Goldens

GRINinc. will proudly display a short story and photo of the special goldens that have benefited from our funding mission as outlined on our Gifting Page. Please help us fill this page with happy stories and smiling goldens!  

We urge each organization to email us their special dog’s story and photo to mygldns@yahoo.com.

Golden Retreiver Rescue Southern Nevada took Winston into their rescue; a handsome, 10 year old senior boy that was a stray that had been picked up, taken to The Animal Foundation shelter, and never claimed. GRRSN saw this boy on the shelter website and immediately began the steps to take him into the rescue. Had GRRSN not watched the website, the public was right there to alert the rescue via emails and social media! Winston had many "angels'.

Winston is just the sweetest senior golden. He has all the calmness and affection seniors so often have. Yes, he had several medical issues that were very treatable and mostly came from neglect and lack of care. GRRSN made sure that Winston had a senior wellness with bloodwork, fecal exam, ear cytology, and ear cleaning as soon as they were able to pick him up from the shelter. He had severe, chronic ear infections in both ears and other skin issues that had likely been going on for some time. The vet found a small, ulcerated mass on Winston's forehead which was treated. He was sent home with his foster Mom and lots of medications and care instructions: steroids, ear cleaner, ear meds and medicated shampoo. He had received a CADI injection at the shelter.

While the vet said Winston's bloodwork was good it was discovered that Winston had walking dandruff which is a type of highly contagious mite. Proper treatment was researched which was expensive and time consuming, but Winston was worth it all. 

GRINinc is delighted to be able to help with Winston's expenses through our Gifted Golden Grant program. GRINinc appreciates the dedication that Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada continues to demonstrate by the rescue of senior and special needs Golden Retreivers who might otherwise be euthanized. We also realize that foster homes are crucial to rescue and recovery. His foster Mom was dedicated to making Winston not only healthy, but also well loved. She subsequently adopted this sweet boy and is providing him well deserved love and care in his Golden years.


Sometimes the story of rescued goldens is a sad one. This is one of them.

Rusty came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada as an owner surrender. His "Dad" called the rescue and said his kids were afraid of the dog and his wife wanted him gone. That was what he said...but what GRRSN 'heard' was a 9 year old senior Golden Retriever was in dire need of rescue. Of course, they immediately did just that and took him in.

As is normal, GRRSN did a full panel of senior tests and bloodwork as well as a comprehensive exam. The previous owner said that Rusty had lost weight in the last few months and took him to the vet, but they could not find anything wrong. 

However, the second day of being with his foster family, Rusty threw up blood. He was rushed back to the vet where he was hospitalized and given IV fluids, X-rays, ultrasound and meds. The ultrasound was normal and so were the X-rays. The vet said no masses were found. They believed it was either irritable bowel or a food allergy. He was placed on medication to treat his tummy. He went back home with his foster Dad; his bloodwork and urine were all good.

Rusty continued to vomit after meals, even with foster Dad feeding him small meals a day. it was necessary to do more extensive testing to help Rusty. Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada scheduled Rusty to have a scope/ultrasound done. The tests showed cancer in the stomach. He was basically starving to death. Because he was unable to process the oral meds, the oncologist recommended Rusty be let go of suffering after taking a further turn for the worse. His red blood count had dropped despite all the treatments they were giving him. The doctor was certain it was a gastric carcinoma.

Everyone who had been touched by this boy was heartbroken. GRINinc understands how difficult it is when you cannot save a sweet soul. We are honored to assist GRRSN with the expensive veterinary bills with our Gifted Golden Grant program. We find some comfort in knowing that Rusty is no longer suffering and is running free over The Bridge.


Chuck came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada as an owner surrender, along with his littermate sister, Lola. Their owners surrendered these 12 year old seniors due to their medical issues and age, and their inability to take proper care of the dogs. Chuck and his sister had not been to a vet in years, were not up to date on their shots, and were overweight. A senior wellness exam resulted in good blood work for Chuck, some non-concerning lumps and bumps, and arthritis. Medication was prescribed for the arthritis, and a low fat diet was recommended for weight loss.

Other than being slow moving, Chuck is in overall good health. Chuck is a very sweet, typical senior Golden boy. He is quiet and generally keeps to himself. But his sister is never far away and they sleep together. Because they are so bonded, the rescue wanted to ensure that they were adopted together. Luckily, one of the great GRRSN families stepped up and took both of them!

Their new "Mom" and "Dad" report they are no trouble at all, are now firmly part of the family and both dogs are gradually coming out of their shell. With Chuck's arthritis now being treated, he is walking more, enjoying the swimming pool and losing weight. 

Another GRRSN success story and GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program is once again honored to be a part of Chuck's new life through a grant for his veterinarian care.

Chuck 1.jpeg

Look at this beautiful redhead! Annabelle came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada as an owner surrender. Her family could no longer care for her properly and emailed GRRSN for help.

Annabelle is a nearly 8 year old Golden Retriever. She suffers from awful allergies that develop into skin infections which cause her to bite and scratch herself to the point of injury. She also has a history of ear infections and UTI's. Annabelle came to us a wearing a cone, as she had severely damaged her tail a couple of weeks prior from chewing and her owners feared she would re-injure herself.

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada made sure Annabelle had a full senior wellness exam including fecal, bloodwork, a much needed medicated bath at their veterinarian's clinic as well as a CADI injection and lots of meds. She was prescribed an antibiotic to treat her skin infection. She needed medicated baths every 4-5 days, done by the vet, to get her allergies under control.

Annabelle's bloodwork was good except for one level that while not a worry, meant she needed to not be fed high fatty foods due to possible risk of pancreatitis. Thyroid was normal.

Once GRRSN took her in, Annabelle demonstrated she is a sweet girl who loves everyone she meets. It did not take long for a new forever family to see that. They are in love with her.

GRINinc is so glad we could help through our Gifted Golden Grant program. Annabelle is fortunate that this girl's owners contacted GRRSN and that the rescue gave Annabelle the treatments she needed and a family that can take care of her properly for the rest of her days.


Candi came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada in July as a nearly 10 year old female Golden Retriever. Sadly, her owner passed away and no one in the family could take her. She and her "dad" were together 4 years after he rescued her through a Craigslist ad. She stayed with him throughout his stay in hospice.

Candi was up to date on her vaccines, spayed and microchipped. As is normal, the rescue had a senior wellness exam done with bloodwork." Our Dr. K discovered a hard, walnut sized mass by her lymph node underneath her ear and was concerned; it was aspirated. and the results were not good-mast cell and spindle cell cancer." However, her bloodwork was good. The rescue's network veterinarian recommended removing the mass. The histopathology results stated that it was her actual lymph node with a mast cell tumor that was removed. It was recommended that an ultrasound be done to check her abdomen for any masses-her chest X-ray was clear. She was then started on Benadryl 75 mg two times a day and Pepcid 15-20 mg twice a day to aid in blocking the histamine release from the mast cell cancers. She was also started on prednisone, and GRRSN declared her to be a Forever Foster.

The rescue received a call from Candi's foster parents on September 2, indicating that Candi was not doing well. She was fine the day before but now she wasn't eating and her stomach was upset. We asked that she be taken to the animal hospital, and we received the following news from her foster parents: "We are deeply saddened to let you know that the growth on her neck is back." We all agreed to continue to give Candi her medication and keep her comfortable. Candi was given a prognosis of 3-6 months, and the doctor gave her something to help her tummy. Candi took short walks with her foster mom and dad that day and the next, and then she suddenly declined.

Candi went to the Bridge on 9/3/2020 with her foster parents petting and holding her. The volunteer who picked her up from her original home feels that this angel really passed due to a broken heart over the loss of her "dad". The GRRSN helped Candi in her final days by letting her know the comfort of love. Now she is with her "dad" and both are well and happy.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program once again was there for GRRSN who does so much for our senior and special needs goldens. We applaud this rescue for their big heart to improve, for however long, the lives of the goldens that are fortunate enough to be under their care.

Candi 2.jpeg

Lola is a beautiful, sweet 12 year old senior Golden that was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada with her littermate, Chuck. They'd been with their owners since puppyhood. Sadly, their Mom and Dad surrendered them due to the illnesses of both owners who could no longer care for them. Although they were loved, the elderly owners of these pups were no longer able to give them the care they deserve. Neither Lola nor her brother had been to a vet in a long while and were in need of an overall exam and grooming. It was discovered that Lola had a pretty severe UTI and was subsequently treated. Due to both being severely overweight, a thyroid panel was run, with negative results. Apparently, with little to no exercise, and food as their only thing to look forward to, Lola and her brother found themselves with a bit of a weight problem. GRRSN had some work to do with Lola and her "brother" to get them ready for a forever home.

Both Lola and her brother are very sweet and typical seniors, having some lumps and bumps and a little trouble getting up and down. In addition to the complete senior work up, both received a "spa treatment" that wore them out. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there for GRRSN to help offset the veterinarian bills and care that Lola and her brother so desperately needed.

Happy Ending- Both Lola and her brother Chuck were adopted together by a very loving family! They are both so sweet. They are your typical loving Goldens! Their new Mom and Dad report that both have lost weight, are walking better and enjoying their swimming pool. We are so happy that they can live out their lives together!

Misty-aka Holly Baby

Misty, aka Holly Baby, is a return to rescue this Fall. Having adopted Holly from Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada in 2010 at age 1, her owner returned her to rescue having fallen to hard times due to the economy and the coronavirus pandemic...and Holly's medical bills were financially impossible. Now an 11 year old senior Golden Retriever, Holly has been suffering from seizures for the last year. She was being treated with CBD oil, but it was not working very well. During her wellness exam, the doctor also discovered that Holly had a mass on her groin area. It was hard and suspicious. GRRSN approved aspirating it and hoped for the best. The doctor was concerned that this tumor could be a neuro-endocrine cancer that was causing her seizures.

Fortunately, Holly's bloodwork came back looking pretty positive. Her fecal was negative and her urine was fine. The aspirate of the mass came back as a lipoma. Holly had her first grand mal seizure a few weeks later, and they began to occur at about 3 week intervals. Holly was then started on Kepra, and GRRSN made the decision to keep her as a Forever Foster. Her foster mom, Linda, is taking very good care of her. The mass was removed as it was interfering with Holly's walking. Holly is a perfectly sweet, beautiful senior girl. She gets along with other dogs, cats and love kids!

We're sorry that Holly had a major change in her life, but we are very glad that Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada was there for Holly and has provided her with a wonderful Forever Foster family. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program is pleased to assist GRRSN with their initial veterinary bills for Holly!

Update-As a forever foster, GRRSN continued to pay for Holly's medical care while being cared for by her forever foster mom, Linda. Care which included prescribed metabolic and mobility diet, gabapentin and tramadol for pain/mobility, and Levetiracetam for seizures. At an exam an additional mass was discovered in Holly's groin area as well as the need for a dental exam. The mass was removed and biopsied (benign).

Two teeth were also removed. Unfortunately, Holly's seizures continued and could not be controlled; in March 2021 she was humanely sent to The Bridge.

Holly was a perfectly sweet, beautiful senior girl. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program was pleased to be a part of Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada's care and comfort to Holly through our grants. WE are grateful to them for finding a wonderful forever foster mom to love her until she crossed The Bridge.


Hope...a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Hope found herself making her home among the wonderful rescue people with the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte. From the very beginning, after her owner surrendered Hope to the rescue, she was limping and appeared to be in pain. Upon visiting the rescue's network veterinarian, Hope was diagnosed with a torn patella. The surgery, called a TPLO, was scheduled. The surgery was a success and a medical foster home was found. 

Hope will remain with her foster family through the rehabilitation process. So far she is doing well with therapy and pain medications. There is high "hope" that she will make a full recovery and will be on her way to looking for that perfect forever family!

Once again, GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program is honored to be part of GRRCC and Hope's life with a grant to assist with Hope's specialized surgery.

Hope 1.jpg

Samson came into the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte after he had his first seizure. His family thought that they may not be able to afford his long term care. A seizure can be a very frightening event for the dog and the family members.

Samson appears to be a happy, healthy dog otherwise,,,and a bit overweight! Samson immediately went into a "medical foster home" through GRRCC. He had a cluster of seizures as a result of the lower dose of phenobarbital given in the foster home. Samson spent two days and two nights at the veterinarian under close observation as cluster seizures can be quite dangerous. He is now on phenobarbital and Keppra and Samson has been seizure free in his foster home since November 25!

He was seen by two neurologists and it was determined that at this time an MRI is not needed and most likely his seizures are a result of idiopathic epilepsy. The follow up care is blood tests within the first part of 2020. His foster family will be overseeing Samson through the blood work with hopes that it will all be normal and he will continue to be seizure free on his new medication regime. Adoption will not be considered by the rescue until time passes and the seizures are either nonexistent or controlled. His forever home will need to monitor his neurological status for the rest of his life and meds are most likely a necessity. GRINinc knows that GRRCC will make sure Samson's new home is very right when the time comes for adoption!

Update-1/2020 Samson's seizures came back with a vengeance. An MRI was indicated which the rescue proceeded to do. The MRI showed that Samson had a very large brain tumor and there was absolutely nothing that could be done. Surgery was not an option as it had spread over a large area. Samson spent his last days in his loving foster home. We thank GRRCC for going above and beyond to help Samson and we applaud the courageous foster family for their unconditional love of Samson. RIP Samson.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is once again honored to award a grant to GRRCC to help offset Samson's specialized veterinarian care.

Samson 2.jpg

Poor Woody arrived on a Good Samaritan's doorstep in Utah in very bad shape with no idea how long he was wondering, but it was evident that no one had cared for this boy in some time. The Good Samaritan contacted Golden Retriever Rescue in Southern Nevada after keeping this sweet boy overnight, and one of their volunteers was immediately on the road to pick him up....and then on the way to the emergency vet ASAP. He stayed in the ER until the next morning when the volunteer picked him up and took him to one of the rescue's vets.

It was determined after a battery of tests that "Woody" was hypothyroid, which is why he had lost his hair. His eyes were so watery and almost closed due to entropion, along with possible corneal changes. He also had a terrible case of dermatitis along with a parasite infection, diarrhea and soft tissue masses. His condition was most definitely caused by severe neglect. After being treated to a very thorough medicated bath, he was given a spiffy T-shirt to keep him warm and comfortable.

Despite enduring this neglect, Woody is a total sweetheart. As tired as he was due to his thyroid condition, he managed to follow everyone around (at a slow pace)  just to be near them...in true Golden fashion!

Woody is quiet and well behaved. He loves attention, he is house-trained and he gets along well with other dogs. How someone could allow this sweet boy to be in the condition he was in when rescued is a mystery. But that's what rescue is all about-giving animals such as Woody a new lease on life.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program has contributed to Woody's veterinarian care. He is a special boy...with special needs. And thankfully he is with GRRSN. Woody is estimated to be 5 years old and we are hoping that his next 5 years are WAY BETTER than his last!

Woody 2.jpg

Sasha is a happy, overweight...really overweight...Golden girl who has lived outside all of her life. She was surrendered to her veterinarian when her owner could no longer "care" for her. Sasha came into rescue; Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte. Sasha has Lyme disease and has been diagnosed with entropion in both eyes and dry eye in the left eye. Treatment through drops has been effective in her left eye, however, Sasha had surgery on May 17th to correct the bilateral entropion. She was doing well and both eyes responded to the surgery...unfortunately, the right eye continued to persist with problems. Four weeks of specialized drops did not help the right eye to heal, so another surgery was done on July 10th. She is doing well now; enjoying all the love from her foster family who surrounds her with comfort. Sasha loves to rest and sleep on anything "cushy"!  To date, Sahsa's veterinarian bills have been extensive and GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program has once again been there for GRRCC and Sasha with a grant to help offset the expense.

We are wishing the best for Sasha. She does have a bit of a challenge ahead with the Lyme disease and the obesity...but we know that the rescue will be right there for her until a forever home comes along. She is a special Golden Girl with a great smile!

SashaAfterSurgery (1).jpg

Kelsey came into Arizona Golden Rescue earlier this year with a large mass on her neck and a mammary tumor. Also an enlarged liver was found along with several nasty ear infections. Kelsey, at only age 7, had stiffness in her back legs and it was determined that she already has some pretty advanced arthritis. Both masses were removed. The mass on her neck is cancer and the oncologist recommended four rounds of a chemo agent as her tumor could be aggressive. Along with all this, poor Kelsey has Valley Fever and was placed on a strong

antifungal drug.

Very Good News for Kelsey...She is a FIGHTER and she's been adopted! She is doing really well. Kelsey finished her four chemo treatments and AGR will pay for her follow up checkups for a year. Chest X-rays will be done at the end of July and she will undergo the X-rays every 3 months to watch closely for the spread of cancer. She will also have a retest for the Valley Fever in the months to come. Kelsey has a lot going on and the rescue incurred major expenses and will continue to do so for the next year. GRINinc's mission is to assist rescues with expensive treatments endured when the rescue goes above and beyond to help a needy dog. We would say that Kelsey's story is a perfect example of our mission.

Frankie and Sadie

Meet Frankie and Sadie...a very bonded pair! Frankie is 11 and Sadie is 15. GRASS, Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary in Houston received these cuties from Kansas City, Mo. Their owner passed away. Frankie and Sadie are doing well at the sanctuary and the really great news is that a trusted hospice home foster family of GRASS has requested to take them into the family's hearts and home within the next couple of months! As always, the senior dogs require extensive veterinary care in order to assess their health issues.

Upon exam it was determined that Frankie badly needed a dental and also a tumor removal (benign). Surgery was performed and this little bassett/golden mix came through it just fine. Sadie the golden, at age 15, just needed her vaccinations updated and a thorough exam with blood work. She's pretty healthy for an oldie goldie!

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is always ready to support our fellow rescue, GRASS, whose mission is exactly like ours. Through our grant program we assist senior goldens and golden mixes with veterinary care. It is a privilege to help ensure Frankie and Sadie are able to enjoy their Golden years in comfort with love.


Hilda-who Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada renamed Wink-is a 9 week old female puppy. She is believed to be a Golden, but is possibly a Golden-Lab mix. She came to GRRSN as an owner-surrender after a good Samaritan rescued her from a filthy backyard. She realized the puppy had an infected eye and took Wink to her veterinarian. Wink's eye was determined to be badly infected due to a trauma that was never addressed. Unfortunately, the eye could not be saved and the veterinarian indicated that it needed to removed (enucleation). When told of what needed to be done and the cost associated, the owner/rescuer explained that she could not afford it. The veterinarian recommended that the puppy be surrendered to GRRSN and, without hesitation, she did.

Poor little Wink was sad and in pain. Other than this, Wink appears to be a healthy puppy! She recovered well from her surgery. She is adorable and demonstrates true Golden, happy, affectionate behavior. Wink has been warmly welcomed into the GRRSN family and once again we assist extraordinary veterinarian costs through our Gifted Golden Grant program.

Wink before

Wink After 2.jpg

Wink after


Jake came into Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada as an owner surrender. His owner called the rescue and told them that he had glaucoma; he needed his eye removed and they were financially unable to help him. Jake is only 8 months old and a gorgeous, light blonde Golden. He is a big boy, weighing in at 84 pounds! His owner told the rescue that they purchased him from a breeder in CA. at just a few months old and his right eye was suspect then. When the owner questioned the breeder, she was told it wasn't anything serious and it would go away. So poor Jake suffered for 5 months until he came to the rescue. At that time his right eye was the size of a golf ball. After being checked thoroughly, it was determined that Jake's eye had to be removed and an enucleation (eye removal) was performed. 

Even though he was acting like a happy puppy, the bad eye was very painful. The pressure in that eye was very high while the pressure in the other eye was low. He has uveitis in the "good" eye and the rescue will need to address this too so it doesn't progress to glaucoma. The doctor believes that this glaucoma is a genetic issue and is more than likely a result of irresponsible breeding.

Other than these serious eye issues, Jake appears to be a healthy boy. Jake is a sweet Golden. He's a love bug and jumps up on you to hug you every chance he gets. He's very playful and loves other dogs...and everyone he meets! GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is so happy that he became a member of the GRRSN family and that we were able to help the rescue with Jake's expensive veterinary bills.

Jake 1.jpeg

Jake before

Jake After 2.jpg

Jake after


Bo, a handsome senior golden boy, was "dumped" at an animal hospital in Texas. Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary of Houston was contacted. Bo, upon exam by the sanctuary's veterinarian, was found to have a grade IV heart murmur. An ultrasound of his heart was done on February 5th and GRASS was given great news! Bo has a promising prognosis as long as he remains on the medication prescribed for him for the rest of his life. His care will also include occasional ultrasounds to recheck his heart. Once he was settled in, Bo successfully underwent a neuter surgery, a tooth extraction and the removal of a tennis ball sized benign fatty tumor which was in a precarious location on his front leg.

Bo remains a senior resident at GRASS. He is enjoying life and recovering nicely while awaiting placement with a new forever family.

GRASS and their mission mirrors GRINinc's mission. We are always thrilled when we can assist an organization such as Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary through our Gifted Golden Grant program!


At approximately 10 years of age, Baxter came to Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary, Houston, Texas in January 2019. He was surrendered to GRASS by his owner. Baxter's compassionate eyes and sweet disposition made him an instant favorite and applications for his adoption came through immediately. However GRASS needed to proceed with a surgery for Baxter. During his exam he was found to have a tumor on his head and had a successful surgery to remove this tumor.

Baxter has now gone to his forever home where is enjoying his golden years surrounded by a loving family. Where would these seniors be without the heartfelt mission of Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary? GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program stands side by side with them through our grant assistance!

Baxter3 (3).jpg

Goldie was surrendered to Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. At the time, the volunteer from the rescue noticed that Goldie, although sweet and lovable, seemed to be in pain and had a very hard time walking. Goldie immediately visited the network vet and then off to a specialist to have an MRI as the pain was very severe...something needed to be done and the MRI was the best way to diagnose what was causing the pain in her leg. Unfortunately, the MRI showed opacity and a biopsy was done. And unfortunately again, the opacity was bone cancer.

Although the rescue had high hopes that Goldie, with pain medication, would enjoy whatever time she had left with her new foster family...it was not meant to be. Within a short time, Goldie was lovingly sent to the Rainbow Bridge in order to alleviate much suffering.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there for the rescue with a grant to help alleviate the very expensive MRI and biopsy. We often stop and think...should we spend the money on a dog that might not survive? The rescues that GRINinc assists with through our grant program always do whatever they can do for the dog in need...and if the sweet golden only lives days, the rescue knows that the beloved angel was loved and well cared for until the end.



Jingles is Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada's Christmas Miracle! He came to the rescue from a local kill shelter in December 2018. He was found as a stray on the hectic streets of Las Vegas. The rescue immediately agreed to take this 8 year old intact male Golden Retriever into rescue, and get him the attention he needed. And while the ulcerated mass on his foot was concerning, just as concerning were Jingles' "man parts". One was significantly larger than the other and could have been an indication of testicular cancer. A full senior wellness exam was done, including blood work and chest X-ray along with an ultrasound to rule out cancer of the prostate/testicles.

Upon completion of Jingles' wellness exam by the rescue's vet, the ulcerated mass was removed and the pathology report indicated that it was an infected, benign growth. He was also neutered and the pathology on his testicles came back as benign. This boy has NO CANCER! His blood work was perfect-so this is a healthy boy...THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Jingles is a very sweet, well mannered gentleman! Who knows how he wound up as a stray that no one claimed? He loves belly rubs and expects one from everyone he meets. He certainly is a tried and true Golden and the rescue was thrilled to give him his New Year's miracle of a wonderful new family on New Year's Eve! Happy 2019, Sweet Jingles!

Jingles most likely would have been euthanized by the shelter because of his medical issues if it weren't for the "above and beyond" dedication of GRRSN. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program contributed once again to assist with this sweet senior's veterinarian bills.


This cutie...a one year old, very fluffy, mop-topped male Golden Doodle named Opie came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada in mid-December 2018 under strange and disturbing circumstances that could have become quite tragic. In mid-December, the rescue received a call from a woman stating she had found a dog that appeared to be a Golden/golden mix near her subdivision and wished to surrender him. Her other dog was being aggressive to the found dog. One of the rescue's volunteers met with the woman who found the pup, had her sign the surrender papers, and gathered whatever info, which was minimal, as she had found him. The dog was intact, no collar or tags, and the woman hadn't checked for a chip. 

Subsequently, the rescue scanned for a chip and traced it back to the woman who had surrendered the pup! After the rescue called this woman several times, she finally contacted the rescue that day and admitted to owning the pup and surrendering him because of medical and financial issues. She had the dog-named Opie-for 2 months. He had not eaten in 5 DAYS; she took him to a vet that morning and said she could not afford to pay the cost of the diagnostics. She then tried an alternate approach of surrendering him to the rescue; thinking they could take care of him and then return him to her! After a variety of diagnostics were performed by the rescue's network veterinarian, a blockage was found in Opie's intestines and emergency surgery was in order. A sock was discovered to be the culprit. The sock, along with a one-foot section of his intestine was removed. Opie recovered well from the surgery and has an excellent prognosis-assuming he quits eating things he shouldn't!

Despite the drama, Opie is a fun-loving, very sweet Golden Doodle. The rescue will ultimately find him a forever home that will give him the training, guidance and care he deserves. This is what rescue is all about!

Exploratory surgery is costly...GRRSN never hesitated to assist with Opie's care despite the fact he had an owner who ultimately should have been there for her dog. We see this so often...people buying or taking dogs into their homes with no idea of the duty and responsibility for a beloved pet...and then unfortunately, the pet suffers.

Opie is one very lucky "doodle" and GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program was supportive of the rescue's efforts to make sure Opie is healthy and well loved.



Oliver is a handsome 7 year old male golden who lived his entire life outdoors before coming into the Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada. He was dropped off at a local kill shelter in December 2018 in very bad shape and needing immediate medical attention and rescue. He was suffering from an ulcerated mass on a toe, which was infected. The rescue had no idea how long this boy had been suffering with it. In addition to his ulcerated toe, Oliver is extremely overweight, weighing in at a hefty 115 pounds. Oliver's toe was so bad that the rescue was told it could require amputation. A chest x-ray was done to rule out any masses or cancer that could have already spread to his chest. Unfortunately, the x-rays confirmed the worst, and Oliver has some masses in his lungs. While the cancer has spread, removing his toe will at least stop the pain and infection. The rescue authorized the surgery and it went very well! Oliver is recovering in his hospice foster home. The biopsy report came back as melanoma. The masses in his chest are likely melanoma as well, as this cancer spreads. The veterinarian mentioned a melanoma vaccine that has a great outcome and is much better than chemo. It involves 4 shots and they are around $600-$800 each. He did say if a Golden was ever worth the rescues money...it would be Oliver! 

A quote from rescue; "We're not sure how much time this sweet boy has left, but we are ensuring that he will know a loving family and have a nice, warm bed inside for as long as we have this precious boy. Despite all that he has been through, Oliver is as sweet as they come! He is an easy-going, happy boy and just loves to be with you. Oliver is the quintessential Golden!"

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program assisted GRRSN with a grant to cover 2 of the 4 melanoma vaccines for Oliver. So far he is enjoying his life and doing well. 



Phoenix was surrendered to Retrieve A Golden of the Midwest (MN) because his owner did not have enough time for him.But immediately after his intake, the rescue noticed he was limping. A trip to the emergency vet determined he was suffering from a broken hip and in severe pain. His surgery and care was $4000 and climbing. RAGOM scheduled the surgery and Phoenix is now recuperating in his foster home with lots of physical therapy and of course LOTS of TLC! GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program awarded a grant to this deserving rescue to assist with Phoenix's expensive, specialized veterinarian care and surgery.


Hope came to GRRSN as an owner surrender. With her advancing years, this beautiful girl had developed some typical "golden years" issues such as pain and stiffness. With the growing overall financial burden, Hope's owner surrendered her to GRRSN hoping that they could take care of her medical bills and find her a new home. Her owner only had her a few years, so poor Hope must again adjust at the age of 12 years. While Hope's mom only described pain and stiffness; during her intake wellness exam, our veterinarian diagnosed Hope with a rather severe heart murmur and advanced arthritis, particularly in her back legs and hips. Additionally, she had a tumor in one ear which was immediately removed and biopsied (no cancer, luckily), and a severe ear infection which was treated.

With Hope's medical issues, age and concern for her having to adjust to yet another new home, the rescue has made provisions for her as a Forever Foster dog for the rest of her years. The rescue will pay for all of her medical bills. She has trouble getting up and down due to her arthritis, but she's a sweet, happy, friendly girl and Hope is happy to be a member of the GRRSN family! GRINinc was there to support the beginning of Hope's second chance at life with a grant from our Gifted Golden program.



Please meet Burt! This great senior boy came to GRRSN at the age of 10 years old. Super sweet Burt was found wandering through the desert of Las Vegas, scared, alone and dehydrated. He was picked up by Animal Control and taken to The Animal Foundation which contacted Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada. GRRSN took this sweet Golden boy into their rescue. It is difficult to understand how this can happen to such a sweet boy.

During his intake wellness exam, the doctor diagnosed dehydration, and noticed a cough and abdominal tenderness. X-rays and ultrasounds were administered; they revealed a mass on Burt's spleen. He was prescribed Rimadyl, Gabapentin and antibiotics: with no additional treatment to be determined until his cough is completely gone. Burt was hospitalized overnight and given IV fluids to address his dehydration, and his blood pressure was monitored. With his age and the doctor's concern with the growth on Burt's spleen, GRRSN made the decision to keep Burt as a Forever Foster, and the rescue will pay his medical bills for as they long as they have him. He will want for nothing for the rest of his days. GRINinc knows all too well the expense of having a Forever Foster dog in the organization so we totally supported GRRSN with a Gifted Golden Grant. Our hearts break for Burt but we are so thankful GRRSN came to his rescue.



Trevor came to GRRSN (Las Vegas) from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas. This poor boy was dropped off as a stray and no one came to claim him as their own. Trevor is a very sweet 8 year old Golden Retriever mix. GRRSN immediately took Trevor for a wellness check and a senior panel, which revealed that Trevor needed some dental work, but that he also has some blood in his urine. His blood work showed a slightly high white count, which was likely caused by the badly diseased teeth and gums. Trevor was in poor condition and also had a significant weight loss. Hopefully this would be a non-issue once Trevor started getting better nutrition.

Trevor was subsequently adopted. His new mom and dad took him in to see the rescue's vet for a follow up on the white blood cells in his urine and his teeth. The veterinarian did an ultrasound on his bladder and Trevor has several bladder stones. These need to be surgically removed because they can cause a urinary obstruction, especially in male dogs. Trevor also needs quite a few teeth extracted; but the priority is the bladder stones. GRRSN had committed to paying for the dental work, and during the procedure the rescue's veterinarian found two tumors in Trevor's mouth that he removed. The biopsy revealed them to be malignant melanoma tumors. Both were totally removed with clean margins. GRRSN also committed to the expense of removing the tumors. We all pray that the veterinarian was able to remove all of the cancer and that this sweet boy has several great years with his new family. GRINinc was happy to assist GRSSN and Trevor with a grant from our Gifted Golden Grant program. We will keep Trevor in our puppy prayers.



Teddy came to Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada (GRRSN) as a transfer from a Golden Retriever Rescue in Oklahoma. This poor boy was tied to a tree for the first 6 years of his life. He was absolutely petrified and forced to stay outside in the elements! He was rescued from that terrible home, but his new owner thought it was best to crate him during thunderstorms. He panicked in his crate, so it was decided to try to find a home with fewer storms. Teddy's adopted owner contacted the local rescue in Oklahoma who then contacted GRRSN.

Upon his arrival in Las Vegas, GRRSN took Teddy for a wellness check. The veterinarian found a mass on his neck that was bleeding, removed it with a local anesthetic and sent it out for testing. It was malignant but had clean margins. This type of tumor has a low occurrence, thank goodness! It came back as a Trichoblastoma or martial tumor, which is a type of hair follicle tumor.

GRRSN is very happy to welcome Teddy to a dry climate with minimal thunderstorms! Teddy is on the way to living a wonderful life thanks to GRRSN and the volunteer who made that long drive from Las Vegas to Oklahoma and back! GRINinc is behind sweet Teddy all the way with a Gifted Golden grant for his surgery.



Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service, Inc (aka GRIN) of Northeast Ohio is asking for plenty of prayers for their new intake, Cody. A shelter contacted GRIN and asked them to take this 13 year old relinquished boy with a very heartbreaking story.

Cody's owner moved out of the home and left Cody behind, locked in the basement, for two years. His owner supposedly was coming back and forth and feeding him, but based on his condition he wasn't being fed very often. Fortunately, a neighbor heard him barking and called the Humane Society and he was rescued. We have been told that the owner is facing charges.

Here's the reality: Cody is skin and bones. He is emaciated at 39 lbs., less than half of what he should weigh. He also has several open wounds, is filthy and just looks defeated. In addition to all of this...his skin is infected, he has parasites and a UTI. This poor soul had to be very frightened and confused, as he lost his person and was simply locked away.

Cody was examined and has started treatment and remains in the care of the network vet for GRIN. The vet techs, staff and vets are outstanding at loving the GRIN dogs-hopefully that will go a long way to help Cody feel 'human" and nurtured again.

GRIN's Board, especially their Medical Vice President, as well as the Intake/Foster/Adoption group will be following this guy's progress closely.

Cody did eventually go to a foster home, but the foster Mom noticed that Cody had breathing issues and took him to the vet partner immediately, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He stayed there for several days and also had additional nebulizer treatments due to some yellow nasal discharge. He eventually went home to his foster family and here's the foster Mom's update...


"Cody has made significant progress this past week. He came home from the hospital on Tuesday and ran straight to the pantry where the food and snacks are! He is eating like a horse and put on another pound this week. He is up approximately 6 pounds since intake, when he was 39 pounds. His fur has not started growing back in the worst areas yet. He has the cutest face and follows me everywhere. He wags his tail when I love on him and he nestles my hand to get more attention. He hangs out with the other dogs, but doesn't play with them much. He found the toy box and has been chewing on bones. He goes to my husband when he comes home from work for some extra attention. We are taking him on progressively longer walks and he is starting to act like a Golden. He has to wear a diaper as he tends to want to pee in the house, but he goes outside as well. His current cloth diaper says "Ladies Man" on it! He can't go upstairs yet, as the steps scare him, but he does manage a few steps to the outside. He likes to lay on the porch and grass all the time.

Well we, the foster family, love Cody. What more can we tell you except what we know....that Goldens are resilient and understand when they've been rescued and they're in a loving home."


Golden Retrievers in Need Service, Inc aka GRIN (Northeast Ohio) would like to wholeheartedly thank GRIN Inc. for the Gifted Golden grant to help their Cody. We at Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc. are honored to be a part of Cody's life and we look forward to hearing more good progress reports as Cody enjoys his second chance for a wonderful life.



Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada (GRRSN) took in 9 year old Timber. He was rescued from a local kill shelter and was severely neglected over the years. He came in with huge, ulcerated masses on both his elbows, flat feet, arthritis, as well as being hypothyroid. He truly was a mess. In the face of all of this, Timber was the happiest golden boy! He wanted to sit up front with the volunteer on the drive away from the shelter and hold her hand. Timber went through surgery to remove one elbow mass after he started his thyroid medication and the anti-inflammatory for his arthritis. He will have the other elbow mass removed in the near future. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there to assist the rescue with Timber's veterinarian expenses. Timber remains a "forever foster" which means the rescue is responsible for his expenses as long as Timber lives. The rescue is doing all they can for Timber and despite being flat footed, Timber is happy, well-loved and most importantly, pain free. Timber is doing well in his forever foster home. He is such a jovial boy, nothing can keep him down-so says his foster "Mom". She is sooo in love with him and he is sooo in love with her too! Who can ask more!



Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada (GRRSN) recently took in an 8 year old Golden named Diesel as an owner surrender. Diesel has been suffering from severe skin allergies and his family could no longer care for him. Diesel came in with a skin infection, an ear infection and hair loss on his tail, feathers and belly. Despite this condition, Diesel is a sweet old boy. GRINinc knows all too well the extensive veterinary expenses for a golden with severe allergies. It is always trial and error to discover what medicine and food works and what doesn't and a lot of time, energy and expenses put forth to make sure the golden is making progress and feeling better than ever before. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there to assist GRRSN with the extensive veterinarian bills.

Update: Diesel is doing wonderful! I'm happy to report that most of his hair has grown back and his allergies are under control with diet and medicine. He loves his foster family and they love him so much that they have asked to make him a permanent part of their family! He loves being able to cuddle on the bed with them, this is something he was never allowed to do before! We are so happy for Diesel!



Radio was picked up by the local (TX) animal control as a stray. He was barely able to stand or steady himself. Most of his spine had been fused. He was emaciated at 64 lbs. and was heartworm positive. He also had chronic eye and ear issues. Gold Ribbon Rescue brought Radio into their rescue. With medication, there were slight improvements in his mobility early on, but the one nasty ear infection tested positive for MRSA...a most difficult infection to treat. Surgery was recommended to flush out the ear and to permanently remove the ear canal as it was badly damaged. This surgery is extremely expensive and is not a routine surgery, but it is a successful surgery. GRR reached out to GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program for assistance with an estimated cost of $2300.00. We were honored to assist the rescue with the cost of the surgery so that Radio had a second chance at life. Without the surgery, the infection would continue to spread to the middle ear and beyond...causing much pain and suffering. Radio had the surgery in the middle of August and did so well he came home to his foster family early. Radio, by the way, is a permanent foster dog, so the rescue is responsible for his veterinarian bills for the remainder his life. While the rescue doesn't know what his life span will be, they do know that he is enjoying a good life with happy days and better health with his foster family.

radio 1.jpg

The last place this beautiful 8 year old expected to find himself was a shelter in New Jersey. He was quite bewildered...he hadn't done anything wrong and his owner was crying as she was led away by a social worker to enter a court ordered substance abuse treatment program. He was left behind with only his collar and hs leash.

The shelter immediately called Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc. and asked them to take this beautiful senior golden. He was in need of medical care and the shelter knew that they would not be able to provide the care he needed, nor would they be able to find the right adopter for his ongoing needs.

Aspen came in as an emergency intake and was immediately placed in foster care. He had severe ulcerated Pyoderma over his entire body, bilateral ear infections, three small masses in his neck and chest area, and he was not neutered.

An appointment was made with an internist and a dermatologist immediately so his medical care could begin. He was neutered, a bladder stone was flushed out, and the masses were removed: thankfully they were benign. The dermatologist placed him on Apoquel, prescribed medicated shampoo for weekly baths and medication for his ear infections. Aspen was on the road to recovery!

Two weeks after his initial surgery, a rapidly growing mass was discovered on his rear ankle. The internist said this needed to be removed. The tumor could grow quite large and there was not a lot of room to close the wound. So once again Aspen underwent surgery to remove a benign follicular tumor. However, it wasn't over...the incision site got infected, he tore one of his paw pads, and he broke out again with a very bad bout of Pyoderma on his groin and inner thigh area. Antibiotics were continued and he was placed on an autoimmune supplement.

Throughout this entire ordeal, this golden boy's beautiful spirit continued to shine. He was happily playing with his toys in his foster home, and enjoying short walks and nourishing food. While several applicants were interested in adopting him, they either couldn't afford his ongoing medical care or their home environment wasn't right for his needs.

Update: We're delighted to say that the rescue has informed us that Aspen is now in his forever home. He has several other goldens to play with, an in ground pool that he loves, and two doting adopters to see to his every need. They both work at veterinary practices so cost for his care is not a concern. He has recovered nicely and is now off all medication except his for his autoimmune support supplements. In fact, this week they told the rescue that they are considering doing therapy dog work with him!

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is honored to assist this special rescue with Aspen's mounting veterinarian bills. This TRULY is what it is all about...helping rescues to give second chances to our wonderful senior goldens!



Paisley, at 6 months of age, found herself as a rescue under the program of Golden Retriever

Rescue Club of Charlotte. Her breeder surrendered her to the rescue because Paisley had juvenile cataracts. Not only did she have juvenile cataracts, but poor Paisley had a detached retina in her left eye. Surgery was done on the right eye to remove the cataract. After this, the retina in the right eye became detached. Oh wow...now what? The rescue continued to do everything possible to help this sweet girl gain her sight. Surgery was again performed, this time to attach both retinas and to remove the cataract in the left eye. Complications from this surgery showed up soon after, so this poor little golden girl had to undergo two more surgeries to replace the lens. All this was performed, of course, by a doggie ophthalmologist...a specialist in eye health. Paisley's expenses are beyond what most rescues could afford...especially for just one dog among many. GRRCC was there for Paisley and GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there for the rescue. We are honored to assist this rescue who never seems to give up or give in and wants the very best for their beloved goldens. Paisley is doing well. She is in a foster home for now until she completely heals. But we know that Paisley has a long happy life ahead of her. Such a sweet pup that deserves a second chance...and she has it through GRRCC's loving efforts.

Update on Paisley-

1/1/19 Paisley is the youngster suffering with detached retinas, cataracts and ulcers in her eyes. Her care was partially funded by GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program in May 2018. Paisley will eventually be adopted by her foster mom, but GRRCC has agreed to keep Paisley in the foster program until the end of 2018.  As bad luck would have it, Paisley developed a new ulcer in her eye at the end of October. Both a conjunctival graft and lateral canthoplasty were done. The first is to prevent the cornea from rupturing and the second will bring her upper and lower eyelids closer together to hopefully prevent future injury. Paisley's latest medical expenses are about $2000. She is doing well and we hope that Paisley is on her way to total recovery. She will need to be under the care of a doggie ophthalmologist but we know that the foster family, soon to be Paisley's forever family, will be there for her every need. GRINinc's Board felt that another grant for Paisley's continuing eye disease was very much deserved and we are honored to assist Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte with another grant from our Gifted Golden Grant Program.


Bennie came into G.R.E.A.T. RESCUE OF NE FL, INC (Jacksonville) in March 2018. Her 84 year old "Mom" was moving to a housing facility where Bennie, unfortunately, could not join her. Bennie is a senior and is quite social and happy. After an exam by the rescue's network vet, it was determined that Bennie suffers with an eye malady called entropion. Surgery was recommended for this condition. Prior to surgery, Bennie had yet another malady to contend with. Vestibular disease reared it's ugly head and she ended up in the hospital for 5 days. Hospitalization for a golden, or any animal, is very expensive and can put a drain on finances. At the end of the stay, it was determined that Bennie was ready for her surgery, another expensive procedure. The surgery went well and Bennie is at her foster home with toys all around the place and even a blanket that Bennie loves and drags around! She is active for a girl her age and she's doing well. Actually, she can't hear really well, but when she knows you're there she bounces all over the place...she is a funny, happy girl! GRINinc was honored to assist G.R.E.A.T with a grant to help offset Bennie's expensive veterinary bills...giving Bennie a second chance at life!

Update on Bennie-5/28/18 Here is Miss Bennie, looking beautiful after her day at the "spa" and waiting patiently for her new forever family to come and meet her. She went to her new home last evening and will have lots of companionship from the family's 14 and 16 year old children and their 13 year old mixed breed dog. Bennie is absolutely adorable...happy, loving and gentle...and yet she still has spunk and goes crazy over her stuffed toys. She is a very special girl...she's somewhat clumsy and "out of it" because of her lack of hearing and poor eyesight, but she is adorable and a true love bug who finds joy in the little things. Take a life lesson from Bennie...she doesn't concentrate on what she doesn't have (hearing and eyesight)-but she concentrates on what she does have which is a loving forever home filled with toys! Live in the moment and enjoy what you have-not what you've lost.

Sir Bailey

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada recently rescued an 11 year old Golden, Sir Bailey, from a local kill shelter. It was obvious Sir Bailey had been severely neglected over the years. He came in with cataracts as well as an eye infection, an ear infection with an ear hematoma, severe allergies that resulted in skin disorders as well as arthritis. Despite all the pain that Sir Bailey endured, he was a sweet boy.


It is with a heavy heart that GRRSN told us that they lost sweet Sir Bailey. He was having labored breathing and was rushed to the vet. The doctor said he was in heart failure. His foster mom said he was doing so well and this came on very suddenly. GRRSN is so thankful that his last few months were spent pain free and in a loving home. GRRSN is committed to helping these beautiful souls, even if it is for a short time... and GRINinc is there for this rescue who goes above and beyond to help those special goldens, like Sir Bailey, through the Gifted Golden Grant program.


Claire came to Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary (GRASS) in Texas in May of 2016. She was in poorly kept condition after having been surrendered to a county shelter. Her previous owners cited not being able to afford medical treatment as the reason for surrender. The medical condition was a mass in her mouth which the rescue removed shortly after her intake. Testing showed the mass to be non-cancerous and Claire recovered quickly and enjoyed several months at GRASS, living with the on-site property manager, until Hurricane Harvey forced an evacuation of the property. One day after bringing Claire into their home as an emergency foster, a couple of dedicated volunteers fell in love with her loving demeanor and deep puppy eyes! It was then that the on-site manager knew she had found a true forever home and she was transferred to the volunteer's care permanently. Everyone at GRASS, including Claire, would like to thank GRINinc for their generous donation towards Claire's teeth extraction surgery. Her smile might not be rows of pearly whites, but it's healthier, full of love and melts the hearts of all she encounters.


Trigger came to Gold Ribbon Rescue (Austin, TX) through an owner surrender after ingesting yet another sock. He was in crisis. A late night surgery avoided perforation but his bowel was extremely damaged. Trigger required several more surgeries to control infection plus an e-tube for supplemental feedings to administer medication. We were happy to award a GRINinc Gifted Golden Grant to help with his extensive veterinary expenses. We are also grateful to Gold Ribbon Rescue who rescued this sweet pup while taking on the immense financial cost, as well as to his original family who made the ultimate sacrifice to give Trigger the opportunity for a happy, healthy life when they could not afford his vet care.


Dreyfuss, age 5, was rescued by Love A Golden in St. Louis, Mo. When he came into the organization, his nose was bleeding and it continued to bleed on a daily basis. Initially, their network veterinarian thought it might be due to a fungal infection, but the test came back negative. It was also discovered that he has a congenital heart anomaly. Poor Dreyfuss...so young with so many serious issues. The rescue took him to the vet school at the University of Missouri. He was miserable...nauseated and vomiting the entire 2 hour trip. The veterinarian immediately did an endoscope and a full body CT scan. It was found that Dreyfuss has a nasal tumor on the right side of his nose. The endoscope

de-bulked the tumor and currently he is doing well without any bleeding or obstructed breathing. At this point, his

foster family has him on a low carb diet and is working with a holistic vet that will attend to his many needs.

As you can see by the photos, Dreyfuss is a happy golden boy! We hope that he will continue to enjoy this second chance at life for a very long time. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there for the rescue as they dealt with the extraordinary procedures that were necessary for the betterment of Dreyfuss' quality of life.


Webster is a 10 year old boy who was surrendered to the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte in April 2017 due to the entrance of a new spouse and kids with allergies. Webster appeared to be a sweet, very overweight golden boy with a history of eating a poor quality diet. However, once he settled in a foster home, his foster Mom thought there were some health issues. She pursued this with the rescue and their network veterinarian. An x-ray and biopsy were completed on his right forelimb and the diagnosis was soft tissue sarcoma-cancer. There were several treatment options and GRRCC decided to go with surgery that included a wide excision and skin reconstruction. Skin was taken from his belly in order to cover the large gap left after the tumor was removed. The margins were clear and Webster continues to recover slowly. Surgery was the main treatment, however Webster will need an x-ray of his lungs every 3 months for the first year to make sure that the cancer has not spread. After that, x-rays will be taken every 6 months.

The surgery was in July and his latest chest x-ray was clear! The cost for Webster's specialized treatment for his cancer has been well above what the rescue had planned...but they are committed, as is his foster Mom, to see him through all his medical procedures that are necessary to keep him a happy, pain free boy. If Webster needs to enter Hospice care, his foster Mom has agreed to be there for him. How special...and how very lucky Webster is to have a caring rescue and foster Mom help him through this part of his life. The Board of GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is honored to be able to assist with Webster's veterinary care and we look forward to hearing positive updates on handsome Webster in the future!  December update: Webster played Santa for the family's children !  He loves being hugged and giving kisses to all the children, dogs and cats too!

Webster's feeling better!


Nutmeg, age 10, came from the Knox County Dog Shelter. Someone left her in the night drop box at the Knox County High School. Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue Service, Inc. (GRIN) in Ohio rescued her at the beginning of October and immediately took her to their network veterinarian. She was extremely thin at 38 pounds, long nails, missing fur and flaky skin. They said she was favoring her back right leg. She also had a very large mass on her front right outer toe. She was shaking and very timid but she warmed up very quickly. She is a velcro golden and wants to be as close as possible and will crawl into your lap. She is also very demanding. If you stop petting her she will start pawing and climbing up you for attention! She needs some major TLC and some specialized care. Upon exam, it was found that she had horrible skin all over her body and her teeth were in very bad shape. She was in surgery for many hours as the veterinarian drilled and pulled the bad teeth...she needed 20 teeth removed! She was also examined and they removed several suspicious lumps which thankfully all came back benign! She had x-rays of both her hips and legs. Absolutely no dysplasia or arthritis in the hips. The left knee showed some fluid and swelling. The right knee is good. ABSOLUTELY NO LIMP AT ALL! Nutmeg has gone to her foster home and is doing very well. Once her mouth and skin heal and she gets some good food and a warm place to sleep...she should be a typical senior girl who will be looking for her forever home! 

Update from her foster home: Nutmeg continues to do well...eating good and settling right into  their home. She likes to give kisses and has already picked her favorite toy. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program assisted the rescue with Nutmeg's many needs-mostly due to extreme neglect. We applaud the rescue for it's effort to help this golden girl begin her new life! GOOD NEWS: foster family adopts Nutmeg!!!


Annie came from a kill shelter in Kentucky. At 8 years old, and sweeter than pie, Golden Huggs Rescue was fortunate to be able to pull her and place her in a foster home in Kentucky. Annie soon found her comfort zone among the other dogs and with her foster mom. After a month, and all her vetting complete, she made the trip to Vermont to her new foster home in late October. The trip, as it can be, was stressful for Annie. Less than two weeks after her arrival, Annie began to show signs of lethargy. She soon stopped eating and drinking. She ran a fever of 104 degrees. She wouldn't lift her head. She visited the local vet twice and received IV fluids and many tests were run, as Influenza was suspected. Annie continued to decline, her fever remained high, her breathing difficult and one of her eyes swelled shut. Finally the test results arrived and the diagnosis...Herpes! Annie had Adult Herpes which is very rare for an adult dog, especially to progress to the level it had. The rescue was told she would have died without being admitted to the hospital. The expertise of TUFTS clearly saved her life! In fact, as a teaching hospital, the staff was actually EXCITED to see a case of Adult Herpes and talk of a paper being written was overheard! After 4 days, Annie was allowed to go home. But the bills far exceeded what Golden Huggs Rescue had in the bank. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was there for the rescue and for Annie. What a lucky girl Annie is! Had it not been for the efforts and dedication of the volunteers with Golden Huggs Rescue-sweet, beautiful Annie would not be here with us. This IS what our mission is all about...helping those that may be left behind due to age and sickness. We are proud to be associated with Golden Huggs Rescue!

Update from Annie's foster family: "Annie is doing fantastic! There is always the possibility that the symptoms can come back, but she is thriving! My vet said in 22 years of practice, Annie is the first case of Adult Herpes she has ever seen. I believe she may be written up about it at Tufts. Once afraid to ride in the car, she now waits patiently, jumps in the Jeep with excitement and off we go hiking!"


Cupid came into Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest in October 2017. He was TWENTY FIVE pounds overweight, limping, stiff, severely lethargic and had major skin issues. Several large lumps were also found.

His eyes were closed from the extra weight and the inflammation. Special veterinarian care included x-rays, thyroid and blood panels, antibiotics for the severe skin infections and pain medication. Also, one of the lumps began to change color and became irritated so it was removed and processed with a biopsy. The biopsy came back infiltrative basal cell (skin cancer). Cupid also just underwent another lump biopsy on the top of his front paw at the ankle joint. RAGOM is awaiting that biopsy report. Cupid is in a wonderful, experienced foster home. Their main goal is to love him and give him a good quality of life. Yes, Cupid has many challenges ahead, but with the dedication of RAGOM and his special foster home and with financial assistance from GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program, we are confident that Cupid will once again be the handsome, sweet golden boy full of happiness and good health!


Arizona Golden Rescue (AGR) picked up Rudy from a shelter in 2016. He was very thin (37 pounds) and limping on both left legs. The rescue suspected he may have been hit by a car but he was found to be both heartworm postive and positive for tick disease. He also had a very large mass on his left shoulder which was indicative of Valley Fever. He was on heavy doses of antibiotics and a strong medication called Fluconazole for the Valley Fever. Despite these medications, Rudy continued to be a happy boy and become stronger and settled into a foster home. By March 2017, he was doing much better and his limp was less pronounced and the mass had decreased. He now has put on 10 pounds and is acting more like a normal pup! While there is still more healing and treatment for this boy...he IS a happy boy! The Valley Fever may very well require medication for the rest of his life. This is truly what rescue is about and AGR's dedication to this boy is heartwarming. Rudy is a very lucky boy! Left to die in a shelter was not in his plan or AGR's and he will soon be in a forever home. GRINinc was very happy to help AGR with Rudy's care through our Gifted Golden Grant Program.  UPDATE:  1/18/18 Rudy has found a forever home.  His Dad loves him very much and his health is improving everyday with the extraordinary care and love froom the rescue and his new family!

Cady is a young golden girl who was in grave danger of losing her life due to an internal infection.
Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue assisted Cady by taking her to a specialist who later found that she had been spayed recently but that the surgery was not done correctly...her ovaries and part of her uterus remained. Yikes...she is one very lucky golden girl. Thanks to Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Cady is now healthy and has been adopted by a loving family. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was happy to assist with Cady's veterinarian bills.
Mojo is a 4-year old neutered boy who was given up to a local shelter in November because his owner could not afford the ACL surgery that Mojo so desperately needed. He was in extreme pain and his mobility was very limited but that being said he was a very lucky boy as the shelter asked GRRI-NJ for help, and this sweet boy came into rescue.
 Mojo had his ACL surgery recently, and all went well.  Mojo is not yet available for adoption as he still has a lengthy recovery ahead of him.  But, all signs point to a complete recovery, so that Mojo will once again be scampering around like a young Golden. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program was honored to help GRRI-NJ with Mojo’s veterinary bills.
Beautiful Juliet came into the rescue, Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc. (NY), on January 26, 2017. A wellness exam was given and within a couple of days the vet called and said "You have a very sick dog". Juliet was in stage 3 kidney failure. Blood tests, urine tests and an ultrasound followed. The ultrasound revealed that although she had been spayed, she did in fact still have both ovaries and part of her uterus which set her up for a very serious infection, pyometra. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. She was placed on heavy duty antibiotics and sent to the ER for monitoring and the surgery was completed. She had quite the extensive "mess" in there as the representative stated. She went home to a foster family and is now enjoying her new life...complete with snowboarding (see photos) as her favorite activity. This week, however, the foster family received devastating news. Juliet is now in stage 4 kidney failure and will be on expensive medication and fluids for however long she is with them. Juliet has become a "permanent foster" so the rescue will be responsible for her veterinarian care for the rest of her life. The good news is that she doesn't know she is sick so making sure that she is enjoying her new life, filled with love and fun, is of utmost importance to her dedicated foster family. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program was here once again to assist with this special golden girl and her special rescue organization, Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc.
On Thanksgiving Day Juliet passed away peacefully in the loving arms of her forever family.
Marley, a 1-3 year old boy, was rescued by Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. He had many wounds on his body and his one front leg was swollen. All very strange wounds, but upon exam and diagnostic tests, it was found that he had pins in his front leg and they were improperly placed. Can you imagine the pain that this poor dog was in? Marley underwent surgery to remove the pins and with a lot of TLC and physical therapy, he is now able to walk normally again and he has been adopted into a wonderful home. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program made it possible to award financial assistance to our friends at the Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue.
Jayvan, which means Light Spirit, came into Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) from a commercial breeding facility. Jayvan and her pups, along with 33 other dogs, were the lucky ones to be rescued from a negligent situation. Jayvan came into the rescue as a very sick, exhausted “Mom” and was diagnosed with a severe lung infection that according the specialists was left untreated for years. Can you imagine how difficult life was for this beautiful golden girl? 
Unable to breathe normally, immune system damaged but yet still going through the stress of having pups over and over…. Because of this long time infection, Jayvan's heart is now enlarged. She underwent ultrasounds and EKGs to clarify her diagnosis. She is on heavy duty antibiotics and for now remains in her foster home until she becomes stronger and healthier.  As you can see by the before (pups and Mom were very neglected) photo and now the after photo with her foster Mom, pups and Jayvan are improving thanks to the efforts of RAGOM and their foster family! GRINinc was honored to award a grant to assist with Jayvan's  specialized veterinary care. 
Denver is a 10 y/o senior who was banished to living outside on a balcony for who knows how long. When his family decided to move they abandoned him to the local shelter where he was considered too old to neuter or adopt. In came G.R.E.A.T to the rescue. Picking up his transportation costs and his extensive medical expenses, G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of NE FL did what their name implies – they rescued this sweet boy from certain death.
Denver underwent an aspirate of a lump on his throat which came back lymphosarcoma. In spite of this news, Denver is living the good life with a loving foster family. G.R.E.A.T applied to our Gifted Golden Grant program and we were overjoyed to be able to help this most deserving organization take in and care for Denver.

Update on Denver as of 12/30/16. Denver is still battling health issues and right now has an infection that requires heavy duty antibiotics. He will have surgery the first week of January to remove the very large lump on his chest/throat area. Denver remains a very sweet golden boy, despite his obstacles, and is always wagging that furry tail of his. Look for more updates on Denver. Oh! And the good news is, despite the outcome of the surgery, he will be adopted by his oncologist! So many people pulling for this boy to survive....he is truly loved by all.


Update on Denver 1/2019

REST IN PEACE sweet, handsome Denver.  Denver lost his battle with cancer.  His " Dad", did everything possible to arrest this nasty disease.  And in the end, Denver did not suffer and was sent to the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and LOTS of love. 

Raffi came into Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. in the fall of 2015. Raffi is no youngster and was not in great shape when he was rescued from a high kill shelter in New York. Raffi has many medical issues such as problems with his kidneys, high blood pressure and arthritis. 
He came into rescue with a very resistant urinary tract infection and continues to be on medication to keep ahead of this problem. Raffi will be on medication for the rest of his life to keep the infection in check. For this reason the rescue has decided to let Raffi stay at his foster home and not put him up for adoption. 
Although the foster family loves to have Raffi for the rest of his life, this is a hard decision from the outlook of the rescue…the rescue has labeled Raffi as permanent foster dog which means the rescue is responsible for all veterinarian bills until Raffi leaves this Earth. It is a costly decision but hats off to our friends at Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue...their heart is in the right place and we are confident they will do all they can for Raffi to improve his health status and happiness. 
GRINinc has its own permanent foster dogs so we are very aware of the financial responsibility of taking care of a permanent foster dog. Therefore, GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program happily issued a grant to cover some of Raffi’s veterinarian expenses incurred over the last several months. 


Max found himself sitting in a very high kill shelter. Actually, as a senior, he was very lucky that he had a guardian angel who kept him alive long enough to contact Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (NY).  The rescue was told that “Max” is probably 15 or so? Really….well we know now that this was a bit of a stretch. Often dogs that are neglected for a long period of time age very quickly. Max certainly is a senior and now he is enjoying life with his permanent foster family. 
Long Island GRR is responsible for Max’s veterinary care until he no longer resides on this earth. When Max came into rescue he was malnourished, had a very short brittle coat with patches of hair missing. He has certainly blossomed with good care and love as you can see by the before and after photos. Not too long ago Max became very sick as a tumor on his abdomen ruptured.He had x-rays and an ultrasound to make sure this tumor was not attached to his abdominal organs. Luckily it was not so Max underwent surgery to remove the tumor. He is doing very well.
Obviously at his age it is a concern for a dog to have surgery but Long Island GRR made sure that he was under the best of care and all the needed medical treatments were done for Max no matter the cost.  
GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program was there to assist Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. with a grant for Max’s special care. We are honored to work with such a rescue group that does not turn their backs on those that are in the greatest of need. Thank you Long Island GRR for helping Max!


Bradley came into the Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada in late 2014. At age 10, the owner had no time for him so she surrendered him. As a result of living mostly outside in the desert he had developed eye problems and after the conservative treatment did not work it was determined that Bradley’s eye needed to be removed. Bradley has recovered nicely and according the rescue’s representative and permanent foster family he is one of the happiest dogs they have ever had. After a while Bradley developed stomach issues where he wouldn’t eat, the blood tests suggested that he had chronic inflammation…again maybe related to the many years of being an outside dog in the desert they do not know but many tests were completed and it was determined he had an infection inside. After more tests it was discovered that he had chronic rhinitis and he is also on medication for this diagnosis.

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada took this sweet boy in and knew in their hearts that it was the right thing to do however they also knew that Bradley’s veterinarian care would be extremely expensive and extensive. GRINinc was honored to assist this wonderful rescue with a grant from our Gifted Golden Grant Program. Bradley and his rescue epitomizes the reason for our mission….to assist with special needs, senior golden retrievers who have been brought in to a rescue that “is all about helping the dog no matter …”. We thank Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada for saving this special boy. 


Meet 2-year-old Lovely Lyla. She can’t wait to find her forever home. She was a stray and landed in a local shelter in January, and after no one came to claim her, GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue of Maryland came to the rescue. Lyla only weighed 48 lbs at arrival and is now up to a much healthier 57 pounds. She had one useless rear leg. GoldHeart consulted with numerous surgeons and the consensus was to remove the leg. She had the surgery and is doing great! Since Lyla has been a 3-legged dog for some time, so she does not miss the leg at all, and as her foster family will tell you, it doesn’t slow her down at all! Lyla’s stitches will be out on March 19, she was Lyme positive and is finishing up her 30-day doxycycline treatment. Lyla is another example, aside from Bentley who is another recipient of GRINinc Gifted Golden Grant Program, of GoldHeart’s fondness and compassion for those in need of special and expensive veterinary care.  


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