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Raffi came into Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. in the fall of 2015. Raffi is no youngster and was not in great shape when he was rescued from a high kill shelter in New York.  Raffi has many medical issues such as problems with his kidneys, high blood pressure and arthritis.  He came into rescue with a very resistant urinary tract infection and continues to be on medication to keep ahead of this problem.  Raffi will be on medication for the rest of his life to keep the infection in check.   For this reason the rescue has decided to let Raffi stay at his foster home and not put him up for adoption.  Although the foster family loves to have Raffi for the rest of his life, this is a hard decision from the outlook of the rescue…the rescue has labeled Raffi as permanent foster dog which means the rescue is responsible for all veterinarian bills until Raffi leaves this Earth.  It is a costly decision but hats off to our friends at Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue...their heart is in the right place and we are confident they will do all they can for Raffi to improve his health status and happiness.  GRINinc has its own permanent foster dogs so we are very aware of the financial responsibility of taking care of a permanent foster dog.  Therefore, GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program happily issued a grant to cover some of Raffi’s veterinarian expenses incurred over the last several months.







Max found himself sitting in a very high kill shelter. Actually, as a senior, he was very lucky that he had a guardian angel who kept him alive long enough to contact Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (NY).  The rescue was told that “Max” is probably 15 or so? Really….well we know now that this was a bit of a stretch. Often dogs that are neglected for a long period of time age very quickly.  Max certainly is a senior and now he is enjoying life with his permanent foster family.  Long Island GRR is responsible for Max’s veterinary care until he no longer resides on this earth. When Max came into rescue he was malnourished, had a very short brittle coat with patches of hair missing.  He has certainly blossomed with good care and love as you can see by the before and after photos.  Not too long ago Max became very sick as a tumor on his abdomen ruptured. He had x-rays and an ultrasound to make sure this tumor was not attached to his abdominal organs.  Luckily it was not so Max underwent surgery to remove the tumor. He is doing very well.  Obviously at his age it is a concern for a dog to have surgery but Long Island GRR made sure that he was under the best of care and all the needed medical treatments were done for Max no matter the cost.   GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program was there to assist Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. with a grant for Max’s special care. We are honored to work with such a rescue group that does not turn their backs on those that are in the greatest of need.  Thank you Long Island GRR for helping Max!





Bradley came into the Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada in late 2014. At age 10, the owner had no time for him so she surrendered him. As a result of living mostly outside in the desert he had developed eye problems and after the conservative treatment did not work it was determined that Bradley’s eye needed to be removed. Bradley has recovered nicely and according the rescue’s representative and permanent foster family he is one of the happiest dogs they have ever had. After a while Bradley developed stomach issues where he wouldn’t eat, the blood tests suggested that he had chronic inflammation…again maybe related to the many years of being an outside dog in the desert they do not know but many tests were completed and it was determined he had an infection inside. After more tests it was discovered that he had chronic rhinitis and he is also on medication for this diagnosis.
Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada took this sweet boy in and knew in their hearts that it was the right thing to do however they also knew that Bradley’s veterinarian care would be extremely expensive and extensive. GRINinc was honored to assist this wonderful rescue with a grant from our Gifted Golden Grant Program. Bradley and his rescue epitomizes the reason for our mission….to assist with special needs, senior golden retrievers who have been brought in to a rescue that “is all about helping the dog no matter …”. We thank Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada for saving this special boy.





Meet 2-year-old Lovely Lyla. She can’t wait to find her forever home. She was a stray and landed in a local shelter in January, and after no one came to claim her, GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue of Maryland came to the rescue. Lyla only weighed 48 lbs at arrival and is now up to a much healthier 57 pounds. She had one useless rear leg.  GoldHeart consulted with numerous surgeons and the consensus was to remove the leg. She had the surgery and is doing great! Since Lyla has been a 3-legged dog for some time, so she does not miss the leg at all, and as her foster family will tell you, it doesn’t slow her down at all! Lyla’s stitches will be out on March 19, she was Lyme positive and is finishing up her 30-day doxycycline treatment.  Lyla is another example, aside from Bentley who is another recipient of GRINinc Gifted Golden Grant Program, of GoldHeart’s fondness and compassion for those in need of special and expensive veterinary care.  





This adorable retriever mix, Bentley FKA Clancy, is currently in a loving foster home of GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue in Maryland. Bentley was hit by a car. He bolted out the door at a temporary foster home, a few weeks after arriving at GoldHeart, and was tragically hit by a car, and has faced several surgeries for pelvic fracture, and after two attempted surgeries to save his leg the leg was amputated. We expect recovery could take up to another 6 weeks. Reports so far is he is a trooper and is already figuring out how to handle life as a 3-legged pup. Go Bentley! Bentley is an absolute love bug. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! He just loves everyone and acts so much like a velcro-golden. He is so affectionate and loves to cuddle. Bentley is looking for his forever home and GRINinc sends positive thoughts his way! Through a grant, GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program assisted GoldHeart with Bentley’s very expensive medical bills which have reached over $7000.





Trinity is an 8 month old Golden Retriever mix who came into Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue of Colorado in August 2015. She was born with an ectopic ureter and underwent surgery to reposition the ureter. Although the surgery was successful, Trinity continues to have leakage but a lifetime of a very expensive medication does help. Trinity’s veterinarian bills came to over $4000 and GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant Program was there to help with the expensive care. Trinity has been adopted by a vet technician who will be able to monitor and care for Trinity’s health issues throughout her life. Trinity now has a new life and a new name, Tenley. She will always be a bit incontinent but as of the last update she has been transitioning out of the doggie diapers and continues to do well on a medication to help with the incontinence.
Tenley is happy and loved!



Grace Slick



“Grace Slick” or Amazing Grace was found in an olive tree grove in Istanbul, Turkey.  She came into Golden Re-Triever Rescue Inc. ( GRRI-NJ) on November 12, 2015. The volunteer in Istanbul advised that she was not in the best of health…she was anemic and ended up having emergency exploratory surgery…a result of a “botched” spay/abortion done while she was in Turkey.  Dead abdominal contents were removed and two pints of blood were suctioned from her abdomen. It was discovered that she could not urinate on her own so she was catherized.  Grace Slick had a very nasty UTI and she was started on 4 medications.  She was discharged to her foster home after spending almost 10 days under critical care.  Multiple urinalysis and medications were given over the next few weeks but she still was having difficulty urinating. Ultrasounds and various other tests were done.  There was no structure damage but a dysfunction of the bladder due to the trauma of the surgery in Turkey and the end results. Grace Slick continues to thrive emotionally in her foster home ( now her new forever home) but the veterinarian treatments continue on and on.  Expenses for the rescue are thousands and thousands of dollars.  When GRRI-NJ applied to GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program we were honored to assist with this beautiful young golden’s care through a grant.   Her foster/forever home continues to keep us updated on Grace Slick’s progress.  She truly is AMAZING GRACE!  

When NJ had snowfall Grace took advantage of this experience. She loved the snow!  Once and a while her “Mom” says she has flashbacks of Turkey.  She hides in a corner of the yard and doesn’t understand that she no longer has to stay outside as she did back in the olive tree grove.   If only our beloved dogs could talk and tell their story….






Blossom came into Adopt A Golden Atlanta as a stray. Her age is thought to be 11, 12 or 13 years old.  Blossom was found to have limited eyesight, she also had badly infected ears and many, many lumps on her body. Her coat was all matted too along with an abundance of fleas and ticks.  Adopt A Golden Atlanta has learned that it will cost $1500 to get Blossom in shape to be adopted.  Yes even at her age AGA decided that Blossom has a lot of living to do and her happy golden spirit will get her through these tough times.  Blossom had surgery to remove 35 masses from her back, legs, face and lower body. Thankfully none are cancerous. After spending time in foster care to recover, Blossom has been adopted!  The gentleman, named Gene, happily adopted Blossom as a companion for himself and for his hospice AGA golden that he is so graciously fostering for the remainder of her life.   Blossom is very happy with her life now …she has recuperated very nicely and is on her way to bringing smiles to her new Dad and golden sister.

Blossom is a lucky girl….not only was she rescued but she received the best veterinary care and love from all that cared for her and now, even at her age, she is in a forever home!  GRINinc is honored to have assisted with a grant to help offset the costs of sweet Blossom’s care.





SEVA GREAT of Virginia picked up Dakota from a local vet hospital. Dakota was only 21 lbs and missing hair from midway on his back to the tip of his tail. He smelled so wretched, had clumps of hair falling off, and dry skin dusting everywhere he walked. His flea infestation was severe. There were fleas literally jumping all over the place. He was so scared and so skinny. It took the rescue over a month to overcome a very stubborn ear infection which required poor Dakota to visit the vet every 7 1- days. Now, a little over 3 months later, his skin looks fantastic. He weighs 55 lbs and Dakota’s coat is beautiful, light golden and fluffy. In November SEVA GREAT found out Dakota has 2 bad knees and a bad hip. Being only 4 years old, the rescue wants him to have an active life that he very well deserves. The specialist performed Dakota's first knee surgery on November 25. He has been recovering so well and quicker than the veterinarian anticipated. Dakota's second knee will be operated on along with his left hip at some point in the future. By the time that Dakota has fully recovered and is available for adoption, he will have been in the care of the rescue for about 7 to 8 months. He also has a terrible under bite and is facing the possibility of losing his bottom 6 teeth (front ones in between the canines). The rescue is monitoring it very closely to see if he may require oral surgery. This poor boy has been through a lot in his short life...from being neglected, to coming into foster care, and now having multiple surgeries to help put him in the best health possible. Dakota’s foster Mom states “And if you met Dakota, you would know he's totally worth every penny”.

Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc realizes the major expense that the rescue has harbored in order to provide Dakota the very best care all the while hoping to insure him a wonderful future with good health and a great quality of life.   Our GIFTED GOLDEN GRANT PROGRAM issued a grant to SEVA GREAT to assist with Dakota’s veterinary bills.




Bridges came into Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, South Carolina after being found as a stray.  He is estimated to be between 8-10 years old and presumed to have been hit by a car.  The many lacerations that he had were very nasty and deep. Fortunately, after many x-rays, it was determined that he did not suffer any broken bones. His first photos taken after being rescued are too graphic to display here with his story.  The one photo shows Bridges to be in a very emaciated condition. This was after he came into rescue and had been given a bath and had some time to heal.  Bridges tested positive for heartworm disease.  Bridges has come through his heart worm treatment very well and now his true personality is coming through.  Bridges is quite the character. He's sweet, silly, loving & funny. His favorite place to be is wherever you are- beside you on the couch, just an inch behind you in the kitchen, or an inch in front of you on the way back to the living room. He tosses his head back and forth in excitement when he sees you, and bounces of the floor with his front paws. He doesn't jump on anyone, loves his foster brothers and sister, and loves his kitty siblings. One cat lies on his head or by his side and he doesn't mind. He loves his meals and treats. He doesn't seem afraid of anything except a loud voice.  You'll always have a smiling puppy face looking up at you with a tail that wags all the time, even when he's sleeping.  Bridges has come a long way since Foothills took him into the rescue.  We are hoping he will find his forever home soon.   We are grateful to Foothills GRR for taking this older senior boy in and doing everything that is needed to give him a second chance at life.  GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program was honored to award a grant to Foothills GRR for Bridges’ veterinarian care.




Sweet, beautiful 16 month old Summer is a very special dog with special needs. Summer came into Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Colorado, with a missing front paw.  The rescue brought her in believing that either she would be fitted with a prosthesis or have the leg amputated… either one was financially within their means.  However….upon exam it was discovered that Summer had more joint issues.  Severe hip dysplasia was discovered and it was highly suggested that she have bilateral total hip surgery. Other types of surgery cannot be done because she does not have strong front legs.   Summer is in constant paint but is such a joyful young girl! In typical Golden fashion, she loves toys, tennis balls, and everyone she meets. .. Her beauty and personality can't be beat!

Summer was recently fitted with her prosthetic at Orthopets. She is learning to use it, and doing really well. Once she becomes comfortable with the prosthetic, she will get a brace for the left front leg.

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc. needs to go beyond their means to raise funds for Summer’s pending hip surgeries.  If she is ever to walk again and enjoy a life without pain this needs to be done but cannot be done without raising money from outside their rescue.  GRFR has applied to GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Fund and we are honored to award a grant to help with Summer’s very large veterinarian bills.

Right now Summer is in a foster home and she will not be adoptable until she has had her surgery and the rescue can be assured that she is on her way to a normal life. She will obviously need the very perfect family as her forever home that understands her needs and accepts that this sweet young golden will always be a little different from her young counterparts.   GRINinc will keep you posted on her progress.


Summer has progressed with the first prosthetic and has recently been outfitted with the leg brace for her left leg. She is doing well these days and is learning very quickly how to get around with them. She has had several training/therapy sessions with specialists and will continue to see them as needed. Once she is comfortable with her devices on the front legs she will be able to undergo much needed bilateral THR surgeries. GRINinc is honored to be able to assist in the funding so this girl can have a bright and golden future. More updates will be posted as they become available from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc.



Gypsy (Faith) is a beautiful senior golden girl who has been extremely neglected throughout her life.  Gypsy has so many problems that are so indicative of this neglect.   Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan stepped in to make sure this golden girl will never suffer again.  Gypsy is now called FAITH…what a beautiful name and is so indicative of the attitude of the rescuers.  They certainly do have faith in FAITH that she will one day be a healthy, adoptable golden. Right now Faith is in a wonderful foster home. Here is a list of Faith’s issues that she has endured in her former life: she was emaciated, her skin was extremely itchy and suspicious of Sarcoptic Mange with severe chronic skin changes, her vulva was grossly swollen with discharge, she was hypothyroid and her eyelids were folding in towards her corneas. Now here is what GRRoM has done for Faith….the Mange was treated, Faith is on allergy shots, she has been spayed and also her Entropian has been corrected and she is on medication to correct her hypothyroid condition!!   

GRRoM has continued to make sure that all of Faith’s issues have been addressed and of course the veterinarian bills are ongoing and expensive.   GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program has been there to assist our fellow rescue partners manage Faith’s bills with a generous grant.




Madison is a very young, sweet golden girl who ended up in Broward shelter.  She was found emaciated and wandering in this county. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue stepped up and rescued Madison from the shelter. Madison is an “orthopedic nightmare”.  Dr. Dee, the orthopedist for EGRR, told them that she does not have one normal bone in her body …they are all curved and twisted.  Yet, she is happy and tries so hard to run and plays like a normal young golden.  EGRR and Dr. Dee worked very hard to help Madison.  Dr. Dee actually presented her case to a vet at Michigan State University.  The specialist at Michigan State wants to do a special surgery whereby he replaces her one hip with a specialized, customized hip joint.  It is his hope that by replacing the worse joint in Madison’s body it will allow her to take the pressure off the other joints and not be in pain…and hopefully have a normal life.   The vet expenses have accumulated to almost $3,000 already. The special surgery at Michigan State University would be an additional $10,000.  EGRR knows this must be done to give Madison a chance to experience a normal life.  GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program has awarded a grant to EGRR to help offset Madison’s extensive veterinarian bills.  Madison does deserve a second chance and we are happy that EGRR has given her that chance.  We will keep you updated on Madison’s progress. For now, she is in a loving foster home.




Oakley, another one of EGRR’s special needs golden, was found as a stray. He is guestimated to be around 7-8 years old.  He was emaciated and had a softball size tumor on his neck.  Once Oakley was an EGRR dog, he was immediately taken to one of their network veterinarians and it was determined that this tumor was indeed cancer….thyroid carcinoma.  Because of its size and location it was determined inoperable. The vet gave him 2 months to live.  Maintaining a healthy weight was impossible and Oakley became weaker and sicker.  Oakley’s foster “DAD” decided to ask EGRR’s permission to take him to a veterinary oncologist for a second opinion.   It was determined that if Oakley could handle treatment and EGRR was willing to pay the high vet bills for radiation/chemo it was worth a try to help save this boy’s life.   Oakley has now gone through a series of radiation and chemo treatments and the tumor is ¼ the size of the original tumor and continues to shrink.   He is now gaining weight and Oakley’s life expectancy is an addition 2-4 years!

Thank you to EGRR and Oakley’s foster Dad for going the extra mile so that this golden boy has extra time to enjoy a wonderful, new life.  GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program is proud to be a small part in Oakley’s positive progress.



Scotty Sr.

Scotty Sr. was found in July 2013 in extremely poor condition and turned into a shelter near Atlanta.  The rescue group in the area, ADOPT A GOLDEN ATLANTA ,brought him into the rescue.  He lived at the veterinary hospital for three weeks while being treated for many illnesses. The veterinarian felt that during his lifetime (he is guestimated to be around 10 yrs old) had had been severely neglected to the point of abuse.   Scotty is heartworm positive with an enlarged heart and some lung disease.  His entire back was one big hot spot that contained maggots.  His colon was full of rocks. The rocks were removed during the surgery to remove a mass on the spleen.  Among other problems he was covered with fleas and ticks and severely malnourished.  The "before" photo of Scotty Sr. is hard to look at and very alarming but the "after" photo soothes the soul.  Isn’t he handsome….!!!!!  Thanks to AGA, upon arrival Scotty Sr. has been in excellent hands; he is so well loved and has healed very well.  Scotty lives in a permanent foster home…with another golden who is his friend and he is doing great!

Adopt A Golden could have walked away from Scotty knowing full well that he would be an expensive dog to treat ….but they did not. They gave Scotty Sr. a second chance and what a life he now has!  Golden Rescue In Naples,Inc’s  Gifted Golden Program was honored to be a part of Scotty’s life by awarding a grant to this fine rescue.



GRINinc's Gifted Golden program is happy to award four grants to Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, South Carolina. Below are the stories of Toby, Snickers, Danny and Wilfred. Dogs that are very special indeed and fit into our parameters of our Gifted Golden program.

Toby is a 7 year male golden that was rescued earlier this fall by Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue. Toby is as sweet as they come and enjoys his comfort. All would be well except that he has a large mass on his right elbow. The rescue has authorized extensive surgery and the pathology, unfortunately, has come back as a Hemangiosarcoma. This is a tumor that can spread to other areas of the body. Toby is enjoying his life as a permanent foster dog with the President of the rescue. Jeannie vows that he will have the best life possible for whatever time he has left. Thank you to FGRR, of South Carolina, for helping this sweet, very handsome boy.


Danny is a young exuberant boy that was turned into the local shelter by an older couple. The shelter staff thinks he was too much energy for this family to handle. FGRR rescued Danny because he had a problem with his leg..."tibial tuberosity avulsion" i.e.: An avulsion fracture occurs when a bone breaks and a fragment of the bone is separated by the pull of an attaching muscle, tendon or ligament. Danny underwent surgery and his doing just fine. He also is on his way to his forever home very soon! A very good ending to what could have been a very sad ending. Had FGRR not been there to rescue Danny, we are sure the shelter would have euthanized him as he was not considered adoptable because of his injury.


Snickers is an older girl , maybe around 12, that was adopted by FGRR but was returned years later because the family was unable to care for her as she aged. We all know that senior dogs require more medical care than when they were younger and sometimes the care is just above and beyond what a family can financially handle. So as with any reputable rescue, FGRR took Snickers back into their rescue program. After visiting the vet, it was determined that Snickers needed to have surgery to remove a mass. She is doing well and has been adopted by her foster family who will continue to meet her needs.


Wilfred is the definition of a rescue. He had apparently been living on the streets for quite a while. His dew claws had circled around and grew through his leg and out the other side. He was dragging a 2 foot piece of briers and when he sat they would stick him. He was covered with fleas and flea dirt. He did not have one tick. The vet said he was so anemic ticks could not survive on him. He was totally emaciated, weighing in at 34 pounds. He is not neutered and is in no shape to be neutered. The vet also reported he has a huge load of heartworms. His eyes were very sad to me as they had a horrible infection and we thought he was blind. But, since the eyes are cleared up, he sees ok for an old gent. 

 Wilfred is now flea free and well-fed He has not been able to gain much weight, even though he has a great appetite. The vet told us the heartworm load uses all of his nourishment. We build a tower in the middle of his food bowl as his front teeth are very ground down and it is hard for him to eat food on the side of the bowl. His tail did not wag for a while, but now Wilfred has reason to wag his tail.  Living the life that Wilfred apparently lived; he has the typical fears of a neglected and abused dog. He is scared of a loud voice, but not thunder, he is afraid of doorways, he is afraid of a raised hand and he is scared of men. But now he does not cower and try to disappear all the time. He loves to be petted and talked to.  Wilfred tilts his head to one side. We assumed it had to do with the cataracts in his eyes but the vet said it is a neurological problem. It makes us wonder if he was hit in the head.  Wilfred has come a long way. He is able to do a little trot around the yard. He comes immediately when he is called. He wants to be with his people. This sweet elderly gent, the vet predicts 10+, has never had an accident in our house. He takes treats with the softest mouth. He doesn't dig in the yard, he doesn't chew things up, and he does not bark.

Yes, Wilfred has hearing loss, cataracts, ground down teeth, missing hair, heartworms, not neutered, tilts his head to one side, and is over 10 years old, but FHGRR realized he deserves a good life. He is worthy of the investment FHGRR must make to get him healthy and GRINinc's Gifted Golden grant program is happy to help through a grant  for Wilfred.



Here is a picture of Bell, a one year old golden girl that ended up in a high kill shelter. She was in very bad shape, unable to walk and deemed to die soon.  Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc. was there to pull Bell from this place and give her a second chance at life. She was so young, so sweet and so innocent and VERY determined to live. She was taken to a critical care unit where she stayed for many days. Not only did she have a broken pelvis but she was full of BBs, which the surgeon decided was better to leave inside her than try to "dig" them out and do any potential damage. The surgeon's theory was that she was shot with a BB gun, ran, and was hit by a car breaking her pelvis. She is now in her forever home and doing very well.  Thank you to Golden Rescue South Florida, Inc for not turning their back on this girl.  They knew the veterinary expenses would be extremely high but they could not say "no" to Bell. This type of situation, taking in a dog despite the expensive bills ahead, encouraged the inception of GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program.   This is why we feel it is very important that GRINinc  be there to award grants to these fine golden rescues who truly sacrifice for the animals they save.



(Our second Maverick)

Here is Maverick.  He was rescued by Joshua's House Rescue for Golden Retrievers in Florida.  He came into the rescue with a severe respiratory infection . Also there were indications that his kidneys were not working correctly.  After being treated for the respiratory infection, Maverick underwent many tests , including an ultrasound , to determine the extent of his kidney disease.  He is three yrs old and chronic renal failure is the diagnosis.  The rescue has  spent over $7000 on him and he is holding his own but of course receives fluids and other medications along with occasional intensive care.  He is well loved, well cared for and at this point most likely will remain a permanent foster dog for the rescue...which means the veterinarian bills will be the sole responsibility of the rescue .  We wish Joshua's House and Maverick the very best in the future.  We admire the rescue's determination to improve Maverick's life ...we also admire them for taking a dog in Maverick's condition into their rescue. This IS what rescue is all about....and this IS what GRIN's Gifted Golden Grant program is all about......

Update April 2014


Peaches was rescued by Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue of Ohio.  Her story is quite complicated and rather sad but her life has improved greatly since she entered the rescue.  Peaches, age 14+, was owned by an older couple who traveled often. While on their trip Peaches was a boarder at the local vet's office. She became very sick and this particular vet was afraid she would lose her life. They could not get in touch with her family so the vet asked Golden Treasurers to help. Of course, legally they could do nothing since the owner's could not be contacted. Peaches held on until the owners came home...they took her home, never approved any medical care and Peaches went back to her lifestyle...which was to live outside.  A volunteer from Golden Treasures visited them only to find Peaches was on death's door ....still outside.. the volunteer pleaded with the owners to turn her over to rescue.  Surgery was done at a critical care hospital and it saved Peaches's life.  She is a remarkable golden girl with a strong willed spirit. Peaches has found a new home...a loving home that is especially endeared to our white faced golden friends.  The photo shows Peaches after her recovery. Look at that smile and the bright golden eyes!  She is a happy girl!  GRINinc was honored to award a grant to such a deserving rescue and a special golden girl. 


Yoshi                                         Bailey


Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland came upon a horder/breeder situation in their state . They were able to rescue two pups named Parker ( now Yoshi) and Sophia ( now Bailey) from this horrible situation. The pups were hanging onto life by a thread ....they had the dreaded disease ...killer disease called Parvo.  The rescue spent much time and money on trying to save these little ones and they did succeed. The veterinary cost far exceeded what they expected. 

Yoshi and Bailey are now adopted and thriving in their new homes! They are very lucky little pups as most young puppies do not survive Parvo.  We know they will have a long, wonderful life ahead of them because they are true survivors.

Princess is also from Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland. She belonged to a homeless family and was turned into the rescue in quite a state. Princess is about 8-9 yrs old with severe hip dysplasia.  When the rescue did their usual blood work etc for a senior dog they discovered that something was not right. It was also found that she had a mast cell tumor ( cancer) that had already spread to her lungs and liver.  Princess' foster family adopted her and are doing everything they can to make sure she enjoys the time she has left. They have made a ramp for her so that she can go everywhere and they offer her unconditional love and lots of TLC!  Princess is also a very lucky girl. 

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program awarded grants to GRR of Southern Maryland for these three dogs.  This rescue was a prior recipient for our grants. They have always taken in the dogs that most would turn away and have gone above and beyond to help their seniors and special needs dogs. 



Baby has been adopted

RIP: 10/03/13 Baby died suddenly from a neurological disorder

Baby has been adopted by a former adopter with Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue.  There is nothing more that can be done medically for Baby.  She does have a doggie wheelchair however she is not eager to use it.  EGRR will always take her back into their rescue if the new family does not work out.  She is a special needs dog , very sweet but obviously there is care involved.  We wish the best for Baby and her new family.


We’d like you to meet Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue’s very special rescued girl named “Baby”.

Baby was taken from a horrific situation by someone who was determined to find out what had happened to her when her elderly owner collapsed and was taken away by ambulance. She and a couple of neighbors went to the man’s house, where they found a poor, pathetic Golden laying in her own feces and urine, unable to walk. She was barely alive and covered in all sorts of filth. Her nails were over two inches long and curled under, apparently not having been clipped in years.

EGRR took Baby to their vet and had x-rays and blood work. It showed her hips and spine were destroyed by arthritis. However, the vet felt her primary condition was neurological so Baby was taken to a neurologist. A variety of diagnostic/treatment issues were discussed and EGRR settled on a rehab program. She received laser treatments, acupuncture, underwater treadmill, massages and exercises…all to help her walk. At this point in time (May 2013) she is walking on her own and progressing. She goes to therapy sessions three times a week and is in a loving foster home.

As you can imagine, this therapy is extremely expensive and Baby has a very long way to go. So Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue applied for one of our Gifted Golden Grants. We were happy to be one of Baby’s “heroes” by awarding a grant to offset the expensive veterinarian care that Baby has received.



Skylar was picked up by Miami Animal Control and it was pretty apparent that he had been involved in a trauma. He was possibly hit by a car. He had a horrible, horrible wound to his back right leg.  The shelter notified Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida ( GRRS) that because of the severity of his injuries he faced euthanasia. But that was not going to happen!  The rescue was there within an hour to pick him up and get him to their vet. He smelled horrible. They assumed it was from being just plain old filthy from the streets, but when they removed the temporary dressing the shelter put on him  the smell was overpowering - it was the infection in his wounds. Fortunately his leg was not broken, but unfortunately the wounds were very badly infected.

Golden Retriever Rescue South Florida has done everything they possibly can to improve Skylar’s health…and it has worked.  Here is an update on Skylar with some new photos…happy photos of a handsome golden boy. Thank you to this special rescue that went above and beyond to help him.  GRINinc’s Gifted Golden program is behind them all the way, we applaud the dedication of this rescue and therefore GRINinc has awarded the rescue a grant to cover some of Skyler’s medical bills.

Skylar update:  He is doing much better. He is a love bug! If he is not wandering around with his tennis ball, he is laying his head on your knee or foot to get petted.  We think he is starting to learn that he doesn't need to be afraid of everything in the world.. He has more energy than a 5 year old dog. His favorite activity after climbing into bed or onto the couch is rolling on his back in the middle floor talking to his tennis ball.  Skylar is ready to find his forever home! 

See photos below



Meet Ballot! This golden boy was discovered in an East coast shelter. When Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue asked the Shelter about this boy, they were told that he was old, about 10 to 13 years, and in very poor condition. The Shelter was wrong about his age; the vets feel he’s 7 or 8. He had been abandoned in an apartment fire. The shelter hoped his owners would come to claim him, but the best thing that EVER happened to Ballot was that he never saw his owners. He was severely emaciated and dehydrated, and had infections all over his body. His eyes were infected, the rescue was told that he might be blind, his ears were infected, he had a yeast and fungal infection. From the very beginning, all Ballot wanted to do was eat and play. He gobbled treats (gently) as we waited for the vet to come examine him. He wagged his tail, begged to be petted.

 He was immediately put on IV fluids to re-hydrate him and given lots of food and TLC by the wonderful vet and the caring staff. Meantime, Everglades GRR wanted to see what they could do about his eyes. They took Ballot to the ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam.
He has a condition called "Dry eye" and he also has cataracts. It was determined that Ballot was a candidate for surgery to remove the cataracts . GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program was there for Ballot and Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue by awarding a grant towards the expense of the cataract surgery. From what we understand Ballot is doing very well after his surgery and is actively looking for his forever home. What a very lucky golden boy!






Phoebe was turned into TRIAD GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE, (NC) from a poorly kept breeding facility. She is a 3 year old beauty that was being used as a breeder dog at a rundown facility and had never been socialized with humans nor other dogs. When she came into Triad GRR she physically was in poor condition. He ears, paws were severely infected. Phoebe was in tremendous pain due to severe otitis in her right ear. Phoebe required extensive veterinary care and surgery to improve her health. Because she feared any human contact it was difficult for Triad rescue to find an appropriate foster home so Phoebe spent 2 months in boarding with hopes that the right foster home would come along. It takes tremendous patience and knowledge when dealing with a dog such as Phoebe. Triad’s President has taken Phoebe into her home to begin the long process of rehabilitation. Phoebe is coming along VERY , very slowly but those of us that do rescue realize that our confidence to help a dog like Phoebe comes from knowing that love, care and patience will eventually lead to the goal of presentingPhoebe be an adoptable golden. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Program is honored to be a part of Phoebe’s rehabilitation by providing a grant to our friends at Triad Golden Retriever Rescue.



UPDATE: Queenie has been adopted


Queenie is a senior golden girl that found herself in a kill shelter on the East Coast of Florida.  Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue saved her and brought her into their rescue.  She was matted, dirty and flea bitten.  She appeared to be healthy but she did end up with a "cold" and needed to be isolated for a couple of weeks.  While at the vets she was found to have a splenic tumor which was removed. It was benign and now Queenie is in her new "forever home".  GRINinc's Gifted Golden program awarded a grant to Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue to help offset Queenie's veterinary expenses. 

Charley Grant

Charlie was rescued by Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, WV.  Charlie found himself alone in a shelter shortly before July 4th. Once out of the shelter, the rescue determined that due to the holiday, Charlie needed to stay in boarding for a few days. While boarding, Charlie stopped eating, and began throwing up - huge quantities of "debris" (blanket, a rug, who knows). He was rushed to the local vet - and a blockage of foreign "matter" was found via x-rays. However, Charlie was not a candidate for surgery as he had probably inhaled vomitus and had a raging, life threatening case of double pneumonia. Charlie went through many tests and treatments for his intestinal blockage and his pneumonia. He was one very sick golden boy.  Charlie lost over 8 lbs. in less than one week. Charlie is now on his way to better health.  Although still weak and not himself, the vet feels he will make a full recovery.  GRINinc's Gifted Golden program issued a grant to help offset over $1500 worth of treatment and care for Charlie.

Courtney III

Courtney was on the run.....for at least two months until G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of NE Florida, Inc. finally caught her.  She lived in the woods by a very busy intersection, surfacing daily for food that was left for her and also to roam the area. When first spotted, she appeared to have recently had a litter of puppies which were never found and it was apparent that she had some serious facial trauma/disfiguration which was causing her tongue to hang out.  She was eventually captured by a cat trap.  Upon entry into the rescue , it was determined that her problems were making it difficult to eat normally and she had to slurp food and water into her mouth and each time she bit down , she bit her tongue because of her bad alignment of her teeth.  She also had a very bad respiratory infection.  A Dental Veterinarian determined that she did have some previous fractures to her jaw and probably nerve damage. The only option was to pull her offending teeth to make her more comfortable.  Courtney is doing well now and she was adopted by her foster family.  They love her dearly ...they are dealing with some residual problems from her horrific past life.  GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program awarded G.R.E.A.T a grant to help with the Dental Veterinarian's care.  We are happy that Courtney was "captured" and we thank and applaud G.R.E.A.T for their devotion and perseverance to help Courtney start a new life. 



Chipp was a 6 month old Golden, turned into the animal shelter by his owner.  He was hit by a car, bandaged and sent home because the owner could not afford any further medical treatment for his injuries.  The owners were hoping he would heal without treatment and unfortunately that was not the case.  The shelter contacted Triad Golden Retriever Rescue  who agreed to take responsibility for his care.   Triad Golden Retriever Rescue decided he needed a second chance. He had nerve damage to the radial nerve and the decision was made by the veterinarian to amputate since he was use to not using the leg( the leg just dangled )  and he would be better off without it. The leg was amputated on March 9th and he did wonderful. Chipp came thru surgery like a champ. He has progressed and is doing great and acting like he never had surgery. The doctor is very happy and pleased with the progress he has made.   Chipp has been adopted into a loving family and he is fitting into his new family perfectly.  Chipp and TGRR are our newest recipients for our Gifted Golden Grant program.  We are honored to be there for a wonderful , caring rescue and a most handsome, sweet golden pup!



Early in the day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in N.C. received a notice from someone telling them that there was a very old golden retriever who was on her way to be euthanized at a shelter in the Eastern part of North Carolina.  The shelter was closing for the long holiday weekend and the animals all had to go.  A volunteer drove many hours to get to the shelter in time.  "Everyone was shocked at her condition, as her "shave" job had resulted in large gashes in her skin that had not been treated and had become infected.  She smelled so badly that it took a series of baths over a few weeks to get rid of the stench.  She has heartworm – which the rescue is   treating with a "slow kill" method.  They also  found two mast cell tumors and removed them.  She had ears so infected that she is partially deaf and cataracts that cloud her eyes making it difficult for her to see.  She could not walk and had to be carried.  She stayed at the vet’s office to recover until her foster mom could pick her up late on Friday following Thanksgiving Day. What a pitiful girl she was.  She was so weak and lethargic.  She’d tremble uncontrollably for the first week she was in her foster home, but slowly her sweet little personality started to emerge"      She also has very bad hip dysplasia but the rescue is devoting its efforts and funding to making sure she is comfortable.  Laser therapy and medications are helping Rain and she greets everyone and every day with a tail wag!  

Update on Rain   February 12, 2012

Rain has some great news.  She is going to be taken care of for the rest of her life by NRGRR.  She has become a permanent foster and will be able to stay with her foster family.  That is wonderful news because she has become very comfortable with her routine and her life in foster care.  She will be on medication for the rest of her life, so NRGRR will cover the costs and any other medical care she might need.   As Golden Rescue In Naples knows all too well, permanent foster dogs can be very expensive for an organization....but we love them and do what we need to do for these special dogs. Neuse River GRR has applied to GRINinc's GIFTED GOLDEN Funding program to help offset some of Rain's ongoing expenses.   Rain could be our poster child for the Gifted Golden Funding mission!!  Neuse River GRR did not walk away from her....this is exactly why we , through the generosity of our beloved donors, developed this award winning that no senior or special needs Golden Retriever will ever be left behind because a rescue cannot afford to take in the dog. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Funding program was there for Rain and Neuse River GRR through a grant.!!



Life was perfectly normal for Miley, who was living with the same family since she was a tiny puppy; however, she had some allergies, which caused her to bite and scratch at her skin, making sores.  Again, this is not at all unusual in Goldens, and once a proper food is discovered, the allergies are under control and the skin problems disappear.  Unfortunately for Miley, her skin sores became infected with MRSI bacteria.  (This is the canine version of MRSA.)  Under normal circumstances, this infection does not cross species, but  a member of Miley's family was on a form of chemo, which suppressed his immune system, and his oncologist was fearful that he would pick up Miley's infection before she was cured.  Miley's tearful family surrendered her to Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. Their vet told them that this  infection is curable but it does take time and there are only a limited number of antibiotics that work towards a cure.  Miley is now on one of the expensive antibiotics.   Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue applied to GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program to offset some of Miley's veterinarian bills.  She will remain in foster care and under the rescue's care until she is completely healed of this infection.


Last November, Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue received a call from another rescue group to come help Cody, a 7 month old, who was hit by a car, suffering a shattered pelvis and a break in the growth plate of the right femoral head.  He had been left at an Animal Hospital by his owners, who could not afford the expensive surgery to repair his injuries.  EGRR stepped forward and took him into their program. Cody is now living in a wonderful foster home while he undergoes extensive and expensive therapy. The therapy ranges from surgery to post op hospital care to intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy.   Although he has been through so much in his short life, Cody is a real fighter and is doing remarkably well .  It is going to be a very long time in foster care for Cody as EGRR does not want to release him for adoption until he is well on his way to being the golden he once was.  EGRR has taken on Cody along with his very expensive bills to make sure this boy lives out a very safe and happy life. GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program is there to help them with the expenses.  



Meet adorable Quazi, a golden "wanabee" that was rescued by Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary located in West Virgina. Quazi looks older than his age…..and Quazi’s owners just dumped him when he needed them most. He came into the rescue with a huge oral tumor that had been left to grow uncontrolled and unchecked. Quazi immediately went to a specialist as the rescue’s general veterinarian did not want to tackle this problem. Quazi’s tumor was removed by a specialist and he is doing well. His surgery cost well over $2.200 and the rescue says he is "worth every penny" as he is just a gem…a nice dog that deserves the best. Quazi is looking for a new home to call his own. GRINinc’s Gifted Golden Grant program assisted Almost Heaven with a portion of Quazi’s surgery bill.


When Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary heard about this sweet golden girl living outside they rushed to help her. As we all know, living outside is no life for a golden or any dog. Haley was very neglected ….physically and emotionally. Once she came into rescue her every need was attended to. Her ears were so badly infected that her ear canals were almost nonexistent from the constant infections, swelling and pressure. The only alternative was to have her ears surgically reconstructed…possibly leading to deafness however, the constant pain and pressure would be taken away. This procedure needed to be performed by a specialist so the cost was well over $2000. Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc. was there to assist Almost Heaven Golden Retriever rescue with the cost Haley’s operation. Haley is now recovered and ADOPTED by a wonderful family.


"Samson has been adopted 2/09/2012"


Samson, a very handsome  young golden ,was turned into Triad Golden Retriever Rescue of NC by his owner. At 7 months of age he suffered from a disorder of his cartilage which had already affected his shoulder joint.  At  this young age, Samson was limping and having difficulty with the normal activities of a young golden.   The rescue decided to have a surgery done to improve his condition .   The extensive, expensive surgery has been done and he is doing very well . He is in no pain. The problem now is keeping him calm. Now that he has no pain he wants to be a puppy. The Vet said it will be about a month to see if the surgery is a success. As of now everything is going well. He is putting weight on the leg. Samson is in a foster home that can help with the recovery.  The foster family has expressed a desire to adopt him once the rescue releases him from their medical responsibilities.   Lets hope and pray that this surgery will be successful and Samson can go on to enjoy a very long, happy, pain free life!  GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program has generated a grant to assist Triad Golden Retriever Rescue with Samson's surgery.  


Here's Albi, a stray that got picked up in Hendersonville, NC and immediately was rescued by Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue. Albi is estimated to be about 10 years old. He's had a ton of tests and medications to try and control urine leakage problems. Maybe that is why someone let this poor boy to fend on his own? Albi is a very
nice boy, does have some energy and friendly with all. He is very laid back and gets along well with children and other dogs. Albi is learning on how to play with appears he doesn't quite know what to do with him. Thanks to FGRR, Albi is enjoying life in his foster home! GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program was there to help with the large amount of veterinarian services to improve Albi's quality of life.



Nikki is a true golden.... Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue  saved this old soul's life. Nikki is 10 years old.  When she was rescued Nikki was in very bad health and still had health issues but she is doing better.   Nikki is heartworm positive and she pants so heavily that it can be heard all over the house . She coughs and sometimes struggles to catch her breath.  She has severe ear infections but that is much better.  Nikki is on antibiotics, blood pressure medication.  She was thought to be in kidney failure but special food and medications have improved that situation.     In spite of her ailments, Nikki will retrieve a ball or Frisbee. She loves toys, treats, her bed and people.  She appears to be very happy in her foster home . The foster homes said she is one of the best foster dogs they have ever had.  They are very attached ...she is a wonderful dog who continues to overcome challenges.  FGRR will continue to pay for her extensive veterinarian care and GRINinc's Gifted Golden program has awarded a grant to help them  with her mounting vet bills.  Nikki deserves to be comfortable and happy for however long she has on this Earth. 






Sadie is a very sweet well adjusted dog. She came to Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue after living outdoors for 10 years.  From what the rescue was told she spent all her years outside as a yard dog. Sadie is heartworm positive and suffers from severe skin issues.  After extensive medical treatment for her heartworm disease and her allergies she is greatly improving and learning what its like to be part of a household!  It did take some time and patience to get her to come in the garage, walk up the stairs and to walk through the door frame to enter the home. She does it all NOW without an issue. She loves to jump up in the foster homes  bed and snuggle! Sadie knows many commands such as...sit, go lay down, lay down, shake and sit pretty. Sitting pretty is her favorite thing to do. Sadie is house trained. She loves the ball and squeaky toys. She will shred a stuffed toy in seconds.  GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program helped Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue with Sadie's medical bills.




Waggy is considered a special needs Golden Retriever. His owner released him to Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue based in South Carolina. Waggy spent his time in an outdoor pen and when his elderly owners went into a nursing home he came to FHGRR. He showed strange behavior ...the rescue thought it was a medical issue... perhaps a seizure? Then they thought neurological issue...his strange behavior also  prompted testing/lab work.  FHGRR ran several medical tests and all came back negative.  Waggy went into a foster to adopt situation and the  strange behavior continued so a  trainer was called in.   Waggy is doing well now. The rescue is just not sure if it's an abnormality or just that he wasn't socialized and being penned outside probably the owners never saw weakness in  his legs and his behavior.   Waggy remains a "mystery" but he's with a very committed couple that adore Waggy and he's attending socializing/obedience classes and thriving...   GRINinc's Gifted Golden Program was there to help with Waggy's extensive vet bills. We are very happy he is doing well and we thank Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue for taking in Waggy and going above and beyond to help this golden boy.!





The wonderful holiday gift/news is that Abby was ADOPTED by an older, but active couple who are fully aware of Abby's cancer and are willing and able to care for her. Abby quickly won her new dad over and even climbed into bed with him the first morning as Abby's mom still goes off to work. However, Abby's new mom is a walker so Abby gets nice long walks along the beach and in the woods surrounding her new home every day.


Abby is a lucky golden girl! She was rescued by Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland just in time.   Abby came in with multiple lumps which unfortunately turned out to be mast cell tumors. All five are Grade II tumors and were removed.  Can you imagine the veterinarian bills?  GRINinc was there to assist GRR of Southern Maryland by awarding a grant to help cover some of Abby's vet bills.  We know that Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland will do everything they can to arrest this mast cell disease so Abby can enjoy her life in a "golden way"  . Currently Abby is in a foster home and will be watched very carefully for new lumps.  She is not a candidate for chemo . The rescue is taking her to an alternative medicine veterinarian in the hopes that she can control this disease. We wish Abby and GRR of Southern Maryland our best. 


Kodiak is a 5 yr old Golden Retriever mix.  His life, so far, has not been easy.  AS a puppy her brought into a group home and immediately tied outside and ignored. Kodiak had very little attention or interaction on a daily basis. A neighbor of the group home often fed him and gave him some attention. The good Samaritan eventually convinced his owners to sign him over to Neuse Golden Retriever Rescue in North Carolina.     He was severely emaciated and matted. Kodiak had a large ulcerated tumor on his shoulder which was biopsied and removed.  The diagnoses is a soft tissue sarcoma Grade III.  Xrays were clear and all of the cancer has been removed.  Kodiak received absolutely no medical care prior to coming into the rescue.  Certainly the veterinarian bills are very high.  Right now Kodiak is being taken care of a wonderful lady who owns a boarding kennel. He has a huge yard to run in and is loved.   He may be a permanent foster dog for NRGRR because of his cancer.  They will stand by him no matter what and give him a great life for however long he has.  GRINinc assisted Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue by awarding a grant to cover some of Kodiak's bills.   


10/21/2011 RIP Ivey On another very sad note, I am sorry to say that Ivey passed away.  She apparently got pneumonia and was unable to recover due to her many maladies and weakened condition.  It is heartbreaking indeed and a great sadness to all of us but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, some things are just too difficult to fix.  Thanks again for being there to help. We are forever grateful and hope that you will find some comfort also in knowing that you made it possible for her to enjoy life even though it was cut short.  She was a sweetheart and will be missed.

Judi Brown, President/Founder
G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of NE Florida, Inc.

Ivey found herself in a high kill shelter.  She was on the "urgent list" and unfortunately passed over by many rescues as Ivey was in terrible shape and certainly a senior .  Rescues cannot always help with the dogs that may cost them over and above in veterinary care.    Enter G.R.E.A.T. of Jacksonville, Florida. Without hesitation, they pulled Ivey from death row and took her to their veterinarian.  Ivey has multiple health issues and the vet thinks she is in her "teens" and she has had a very rough life.   Despite the high veterinarian bills,  G.R.E.A.T has stood by this precious  girl  with high hopes of improving Ivey's life. Her condition has greatly improved although there are a few medical concerns that need to be addressed like the poor condition of her teeth.    Ivey will still need ongoing vet care but they are sure she will "rise like a Phoenix" as each day she becomes stronger and stronger.   She just craves for people to just touch her and give her love and she returns her love ten fold.   Ivey is in a loving foster home.  GRINinc was pleased to award G.R.E.A.T. with a grant to help cover Ivey's extensive veterinarian bills.   Ivey's story is what rescue is all about and Ivey is a poster "child" for GRINinc's GIFTED GOLDEN PROGRAM.


Maverick is a 6 year old golden that was left with a friend while his previous owners were moving out of state.  They WERE supposed to come back for him....they never did. The friend was unable to keep Maverick permanently so he called Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue.  GT was right there to take in Maverick and find him a new home.  Almost immediately, they noticed that he had trouble walking.  Off to the vet and it was found that he had bilateral ruptures in his knee joints.   Maverick  has just undergone bilateral knee surgery and is recovering in his foster home. He has been through quite a bit ...the next home will be his forever home and he will never be left behind again.  Maverick's vet bills  are amazingly high.    A Golden Rescue In Naples Gifted Golden grant was awarded to  Golden Treasures  to help defray the costs of this surgery.



Gypsy is a 7 year old golden who was surrendered to Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue in Raleigh NC.  According to the owners, her health was just fine although for the last 3-4 years Gypsy had been an outside dog and, obviously, not well taken care of. Once a volunteer with the rescue took a look at her she knew her health was compromised. Gypsy had been neglected, was very overweight and had a huge tumor growing between her eyes. As always, the rescue did what they needed to do to help this sweet girl.  A biopsy indicated that it was a malignant peripheral nerve sheath sarcoma ..a very rare tumor that if untreated would be fatal. The rescue quickly set up a surgery to remove this mass. Because of where the mass is located, it could not be totally removed. There is a good chance it may come back. However if Gypsy is closely monitored and it is removed quickly upon return then her prognosis is good.  So Gypsy remains with her foster family.  The rescue is hoping to find a special forever family for her. This family, will of course, be made aware of her medical condition.  If a special family does not come into her life, Neuse River will continue to monitor Gypsy and provide whatever care, no matter the cost, to her.  Gypsy has been described as an "amazing dog with excellent house manners".  She has lost 7 pounds and is thriving!   GRINinc was honored to award Neuse River GRR a grant to cover some of Gypsy's surgery.

Gypsy before surgery


Gypsy after surgery


Updated 05/04/2011

Golden Rescue In Naples Gifted Golden Grant program has awarded Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue , Inc of Ohio four grants ( Barney, Ben, Bentley and Caramel) to help with the astronomical veterinarian bills that this rescue has recently incurred.  Golden Treasures accepts special needs and senior Golden Retrievers on an ongoing basis. As with all our rescues that we have assisted with our grant program to date,  Golden Treasures makes sure that they do everything they can to help the dogs receive the best care.   GRINinc is proud to be able to assist with their mission. 

 We thank our donors ...without your dedication and generosity our Gifted Golden Grant program would not be successful .


This is Barney.  He joined Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue of Ohio at age 7 months, with severe hip dysplasia.  The previous owners knew he needed help badly and couldn't afford it.  Barney was in  foster care until he was old enough to undergo the hip replacement.  Yes he needed total hip replacement.  Barney's vet bills were well over $4000.  Now that the hip is healing and he's as good as new, the rescue will be be looking for a forever  home for cute Barney! 



Ben came into Golden Treasures rescue a while ago. At the time he was over 130 lbs. with two bad knees. He also had  seizures and was totally depressed.   Ben has gone through quite a bit but one by one his problems are improving thanks to the dedication and efforts of Golden Treasures to make sure he is well taken care of .  Ben had surgery on one of his knees, is now down to an average weight and hasn't had a seizure since within 3 months of his becoming a Golden Treasure.  Poor boy recently needed extensive surgery to remove a Mast Cell tumor. Given his track record, we're sure Ben will come out on top.  Ben will remain a permanent foster dog of Golden Treasures.  The rescue will be responsible for his care for the remainder of his life.



This senior fella wasn't in Golden Treasures rescue  too long before it was discovered that he had swallowed something that he shouldn't....a sock.   Thankfully, the foster home noticed and rushed him off to the vet, where they had to surgically remove a foreign body to save his life.  Bentley ended up having the best surgeon around the area to make sure he would come through the surgery just fine.  After spending a few days in the hospital and great care in his foster home,  Bentley is fully recovered.  He is looking for his forever home and he promises socks will not be on the menu ever again.!


Update: Caramel has been adopted !

Caramel has been adopted along with his friend, Moose.

Here are photos of Caramel with his new family and “spooning” with Moose.

GRIN is delighted that the boys were adopted together into a Golden loving home



Caramel came into Golden Treasures Golden Retriever Rescue along with his life-long pal, Moose. The owners turned him in because they couldn’t afford to care for him anymore. Obviously, that situation had been going on for a while, because Caramel had a 6-lb tumor removed from his leg. Had the owners done something about it before they decided they couldn’t afford him, he wouldn’t have had to go through the major, extensive surgery that he did. The biopsy showed a GRADE II Nerve sheath tumor which requires Caramel to undergo radiation therapy at Ohio State University. That’s all behind him now and he is doing well.  Caramel's veterinarian bills were close to $3000 for his surgery alone. GRINinc was gratified to help Golden Treasures with a grant to offset some of Caramel’s expenses.



Bert is a senior golden boy who was brought into Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue , South Carolina. Upon arriving at the vet it was noted that Bert had a large growth in his mouth and he had a GRADE 1 infestation of heartworm disease.  The priority of the rescue was to establish what the growth is and treat it appropriately.  Foothills GRR spent many hours visiting various specialists to determine the best treatment for Bert. It was decided to excise the growth as completely as possible without putting Bert through major surgery and radiation.  The surgery was done.  The Acanthomatous epulis was not completely removed but the majority of it is gone along with a tooth!!  Bert is doing very well.  He completed his heartworm treatment and is now taking " walkies" with his foster family's  dogs. They are checking his mouth frequently and so far it looks fine. He is eating well and is ready for a forever home. Bert is very laid back and likes nothing better than to just hang out with the foster family.

GRINinc's Gifted Golden Grant program assisted  Foothills GR rescue with the large veterinarian bills that incurred from consultations through to the surgery.   We hope that Bert will find that special someone who will adopt him and love him forever.....

UPDATE: Bert has been adopted. He has a forever home.


Colby was found him in the middle of the road in Pickens, SC mid August during a rainstorm. He was drinking water from a ditch and was almost hit by several cars. After a brief chase, he finally laid down in a field and the wonderful good Samaritan  fed him some treats. She picked him up, put him in her car and took him home. He was seriously malnourished and skittish.  She called Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, SC to see what she should do and they suggested that she "foster" him until something else was decided.  She made an appointment with  Foothills GRR's veterinarian who checked Colby the next week.


It was determined that Colby was 6-8 months old at the time and had a hard life for such a young pup! He had sarcoptic mange, ear mites, fleas, and several broken bones including his jaw, leg, and hips.

 He is now roughly a year old and is a great young dog! Since August, he's gained weight and is a lot healthier!  Colby currently lives  with his foster-mom ( his rescue angel) , 3 dachshunds and a Jack Russell Terrier who are his best friends. He absolutely loves being outside and can smell water from a mile away! He enjoys car rides, hiking, and any outdoor activity. Colby had hip surgery  on March 8th, which will provide him with a better quality of life that he ultimately deserves!  Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue was there to help this young golden boy begin a new life. They have paid for Colby's veterinarian care since August .  GRINinc's Gifted Golden program was there for this rescue with a grant to assist with Colby's hip surgery.

UPDATE: Colby has been adopted and has a forever home.


Rajah has found his ‘forever home’ and been adopted into a family where he will be cherished and well taken care of.

Recent photo of Rajah at play at his forever home.

Updated 9/11/2011



BEFORE - 12/ 2010                                AFTER - 3/ 2011

Update: 04/21/2011

04/21 Breaking News - Rajah has had his eye surgery and can see! His foster mom says “Rajah was a little slow realizing he could see again. Today he knows he can see and is looking at everything in his new home including our cat. He has beautiful brown eyes and has to wear the E-collar for another week.“ GRINinc celebrates this fantastic report along with his Golden Retriever Rescue family.

3/11  Rajah went  to the Ophthalmologist and he is an acceptable candidate for cataract extraction. Rajah is scheduled for surgery on April 19th (pretty cool since his birthday is April 20th)   Once the surgery is complete he will never get diabetic cataracts again because he will have artificial lenses. We are excited and feel we are finally on the road to recovery. The Diabetes seems to be controlled .

 We will keep you posted on Rajah's progress once he has surgery. 


GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE OF SOUTHERN MARYLAND contacted GRINinc about a dog they recently brought into their rescue in hopes that we could assist them with the very costly but necessary veterinarian care they have given to a gentle golden soul.
The dog's name is Rajah...a handsome 6 year old red boy who was near death when they finally got him from his owners.  Rajah was diagnosed with diabetes at some time in his recent life. His owner's gave him up because they couldn't afford his medical care. Thank goodness they called Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland just in time.  Rajah was just clinging to life.  By the time Rajah had made it to the rescue he was within a day or two of going into a coma and dying from untreated diabetes.  Once he was relinquished, the rescue got him to an emergency/trauma hospital where he spent a couple of days being rehydrated and given IV antibiotics and insulin.

He's now with his foster family playing tug of war with his canine companion despite being unable to see. Rajah developed cataracts due to untreated diabetes and is currently blind.  Rajah continues to have repeated blood work to try and stabilize his diabetes.  The combined emergency care and the multiple blood studies has cost this rescue over $3000.  Once Rajah is stabilized on his twice daily insulin injections and new diet, he will be evaluated for surgery to restore his eyesight. The rescue is raising funds for this expensive surgery. Once Mr. Rajah is healthy, he will be available for adoption.  Rajah's veterinarians have high hopes that 2011 will be a wonderful year for Rajah.  GRINinc's Gifted Golden program was there for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland  and Rajah. We applaud rescues who are dedicated to helping the seniors and special needs goldens. They are aware of the expense but are there for these sweet dogs....never a hesitation and GRINinc is there for them. 


We will keep you posted on Rajah's progress. Thank you to all our dedicated, generous donors who make our Gifted Golden program possible to help Rajah and the many others that are in need of support and care.





Back in early July, a member of Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue came out of her office and found a note on her windshield.  The note stated that the family needed to find a home for their Golden Retriever. She called the phone number and was told that they had been given the dog as a puppy, but the children don't play with her.  They would like Goldie to have a home with a family who will pay attention to her and love her.  They also mentioned that she had allergies that they couldn't control. Goldie does in fact have horrible skin.  She has spent her life living in the yard, exposed to the elements.  That means heat, humidity, rain, bugs, and who knows what else.   EGRR is starting Goldie on a course of medicated baths, antibiotics and antifungal drugs. She also requires a special food to avoid the many known food allergies.  Not much can be done about the environmental allergies other than making sure that Goldie is indoors with air-conditioning (of course...nothing but the best for our goldens!)   Goldie visits the vet often for a refill on her current medications or a new medication to help keep her allergies, itching and skin infections under control.   Goldie also visited a dermatologist and, as suspected by skin testing, she has both food and environmental allergies.  EGRR has spent a lot of time and money with the goal of improving Goldie's quality of life.  GRINinc is very supportive of EGRR's willingness to take a dog like Goldie into their organization fully knowing the expense and often frustration of dealing with an allergy dog.   Goldie is a lucky girl and GRINinc wishes her the very best for the rest of her life!

UPDATE: Goldie has been adopted by her foster family and is doing very well. Her allergies are under control now and she will have a forever home of love and care. GRINinc is pleased to have been able to contribute to her medical costs.

UPDATED 03/29/2011



Zoe is 10 years young but her medical condition is taking its toll....on her health and her family's hearts and pocketbook.   Zoe has a recurrent, benign tumor that grows very rapidly covering her left ear and face.  Zoe's family asked their local Golden Retriever Rescue for some assistance.  GRRSF offered to take Zoe into the rescue and Zoe has since had extensive and reconstructive surgery to remove the tumor.   She may need another surgery in the future ...but hopefully just one more.   Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida applied to our Gifted Golden Program to help with Zoe's medical bills.  GRINinc was there for them and for beautiful Zoe. 



Meet Golden...yes a Golden Retriever with the name of GOLDEN!!  In his senior years, Golden found himself looking for a new home.  He had a history of seizures and his family could not financially take care of him. Enter Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue ..... they took Golden into their rescue and proceeded to give him his basic veterinary care and more.  The investigation of why he has seizures began and many expensive tests were done.  Ultimately Golden needed to be on two medications for his seizures.  EGRR supported Golden for those many months while he remained in foster care.  EGRR applied to GRINinc's grant program for financial assistance.  GRINinc was proud to assist with the extensive medical bills for this wonderful senior boy.  After all, this is what our Gifted Golden Grant program is all about!!!   After being in foster care for months Golden found his forever home. 

His new family says ... Golden is so easy to have around.  Some dogs fill a space and add their unique energy.  He slips in, takes a spot, sits back and surveys the situation.  All he sends out is gentleness and love, grateful for any attention and content to be part of the pack.



Stevie, named after Stevie Wonder by Golden Rescue South Florida, is a survivor.  He came into their rescue with several other older goldens. All were in deplorable condition. Stevie was heartworm positive and also had severe glaucoma.  He was in tremendous pain, he was undernourished...he was in very bad shape.  They were not sure he would make it however he had a very strong will to live.   Step by step the rescue chipped away at his problems, taking the most serious first.   Stevie visited the veterinarian eye specialist many times.  After several expensive treatments he is free of pain; although blind, it has not slowed him down.  Stevie has been adopted by a wonderful family who allows him to be find his way around and to explore all the while keeping him close by . "
He turns in the driveway all by himself - he knows when he is at his house.  He is making his way to the bed by himself - hops on hope chest.  He has plenty of toys - and loves the squeaky ones.  He runs a lot in his dog dreams.   I think he is the most loving golden I have ever met, what a sweet dog.  So happy he is with us " 

So although Stevie has been through so much in his lifetime, he is enjoying his second chance at life and feeling well and wearing those fashionable sunglasses~!!  How cool is that golden boy! 

GRINinc's funding program eagerly assisted Golden Rescue South Florida with Stevie's extensive veterinarian bills.!



UPDATE ON ZEKE 07/25/10: 
Zeke's health continues to improve but he will continue to need veterinary check ups throughout the coming months.  The GREAT news is Zeke has found his "forever" home.  He now lives with another golden Zack!  They are inseparable!! 

Zeke came into GRINinc's Charlotte County Chapter as a stray. The young  golden was hanging around a school yard...following the kids around as they played outside.  Who knows what his life was like...he was homeless and without an owner.   He ended up in a high kill shelter where he contracted kennel cough. 
Of course the first thing a reputable rescue does is take their new dog to the vet.  One of our network veterinarians gave him a drug in good faith to help him with the respiratory infection.  Zeke had a very severe autoimmune reaction to this drug.  He found himself under the care of a Critical Care veterinarian.  The Chapter took him to the best specialists they could.  These specialists and the network veterinarians saved him. His golden spirit has never wavered during this ordeal.  He remained sweet and loving.  Right now Zeke is on the rebound!!!   He is a great dog...a special dog...a survivor.
GRINinc was there for our Chapter with a grant to help with the very expensive care.  Zeke's bills have totaled over $2000 since coming into rescue.


UPDATE 2011 RIP Sweet Dudley

UPDATE 05/15/2011: Dudley has been adopted by the veterinarian who has cared for him and his special needs since he was brought into the rescue. 

Dudley was found as a stray and eventually turned over to Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue of North Carolina.  Once their vet checked him out it was determined that he is about 2-3 years old and had been hit by a car which caused a broken pelvis.  It seemed that the pelvis had healed without surgery (just imagine the pain this poor boy endured) and by the time the rescue took him in it was too late for surgery.  Nerves were severed as a result of this accident ...the nerves that control his ability to defecate and urinate on his own.  After a couple of weeks at the vet with lots of medications his ability to defecate was regained.   He did not regain complete control over his urination.  
Dudley has spent many weeks at the specialty clinic where a cystostomy tube was implanted on April 13.  Since this time the tube has failed to do its work and he is on many medications to control his incontinence.  The folks from Cape Fear GRR assure GRINinc that they are doing everything they can to help Dudley ....he is a very lucky boy that has no idea he is "broken".  He loves to carry toys and run and play with other dogs.   
A special home will indeed be needed for this sweet golden boy and they continue to have hope that one day he will find his home...a home filled with love, patience and care that he so deserves.   GRINinc has been there to assist Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue and Dudley by issuing a grant to help them with veterinarian bills that are over $2000.   We will keep you updated on Dudley's progress and will for sure gladly announce to the golden world when he is in a loving home.

UPDATE 07/07/2010:  Dudley had a breakthrough over the last couple weeks.  Two vet techs witnessed him squatting to pee outside and a full stream of urine came out.  A few days prior to that one tech witnessed something similar when they went outside.  Also... in his run there was an actual puddle of urine one day instead of the little drips that are often in his run due to the "incontinence" issue.  So... baby steps and a ray of hope.  Our specialty vet indicated that he needs time... hopefully just more time for everything to reconnect on its own and start working properly.



UPDATE 05/15/2011: Rally has been adopted and is doing very well.  His large neck wound has healed nicely and so has his heart.  He is loved and well cared for.


“I Will Survive” is the song running through this 8 year old boy’s head. Rally was picked up by Animal Control in North Texas and had a laceration from ear to ear across the top of his neck. We aren’t sure about his past, but his future sure looks bright thanks to Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas.  Rally has had surgery to repair his significant wounds and is healing well and loves lying on is big Dallas Cowboy pillow in the evenings. Even after all the surgeries, Rally has a very trusting nature.

As Rally heals, his golden personality is beginning to blossom. A few of his favorite things to do are take long naps, ride in the car, and be close to his human family. He also really enjoys the food left on the counter so we are working on correcting this habit.

Rally is heartworm positive so the rescue will be starting his treatment just as soon as he has recovered from his surgeries. He will be available for adoption when he has recovered from his injuries and heartworm disease.

Although Texas is out of our Gifting Program territory, we found Rally to be a very special senior who is part of a 501c3 rescue that could use our financial assistance because of the expensive veterinary bills.  Although no one knows his past, we can only suspect that perhaps Rally was a bait dog for a dog fighting ring…..everyone knows about dog fighting rings but no one believes that a golden could be involved.  The people that run dog fighting rings do choose large, well tempered dogs as their bait dogs…and yes goldens are VERY much wanted by these horrible people.  All this is behind Rally….he is onto a wonderful life because of the special people with Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas.  GRINinc, because of our donator’s dedication and generosity, can be a part of Rally’s “I will survive”.



Brandy has found a forever family who will see Brandy through her long healing process.  Lucky Brandy and another happy outcome !!

Another wonderful golden in need .....Sweet Brandy was struck by a car and her owners could not afford the cost of her medical care. A quick thinking employee at the animal hospital treating Brandy suggested she be signed over to Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue in Tenn. in lieu of euthanasia. One of their local volunteers was contacted and asked if Heartland could pay for Brandy's care and find her a forever home. How could they not help this little girl?  Four year old Brandy has a broken left shoulder and left leg. She was transferred to a facility for  surgery scheduled to take place on January 20th.   Brandy is in foster care after a surgery that went very well.  The surgery alone cost Heartland GRR over $1600.  Heartland is a small rescue that has very limited funding but they are ALWAYS there for the goldens.  Heartland Rescue applied to GRINinc for assistance.  We hear that Brandy is doing very well and after her next veterinarian appointment at the end of the month, she will going to a forever home.          
Brandy is a very lucky golden girl.




GRINinc. is happy to report that Maggie Lee has been
by her foster dad !!

Say HELLO to Maggie Lee, an 11 year old golden with special needs.  Maggie Lee is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving senior golden girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Maggie Lee came into rescue because her owner, as is all to common these days, fell on hard times and could no longer care for her. Maggie Lee at 11 years has such a zest for life and play and most of all, companionship, that is beyond compare. Just look into those dark brown, bright eyes and you will see her heart. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys romping (actually, pouncing) on her golden brother, but really enjoys when you cradle her head in your hands and give her kisses…yes she likes that very much. Maggie Lee is spayed and in fairly good health for a senior. She has been on Phenobarbital for seizures since 2005 and has been well controlled on this medication. GRINinc's funding program for special needs senior goldens has assisted the Charlotte County Chapter with Maggie Lee's veterinary care.  Please note that if you are interested in adopting this wonderful senior golden, contact



UPDATE ON COMET 11/16/10: 
Comet had his 6 month check up and NO signs of the cancer returning!!!

UPDATE ON COMET 03/06/10: 
A happy ending  -- Comet has been adopted by his foster family !!

GRINinc's Funding Program is awarding Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue a grant for Comet's expensive medical bills.  A large growth was found on his thyroid, large enough to displace his larynx and esophagus.  EGRR, of course, took the necessary steps to remove the lump.  It was a tedious surgery as the lump was close to a couple of the major arteries in the neck.   The growth was biopied and it came back as cancer but the prognosis is very good per the veterinarian.   Comet is still waiting for a FOREVER HOME through Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue.  Please contact them at if you are interested in giving Comet a new home.  Below is Everglades GRR narrative about this sweet boy.
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Status: Adoption pending through Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue

One of our volunteers spotted Comet on the shelter website, where he was listed as 5 yrs, 9 mo. of age.  We immediately contacted the shelter for information about him and were told he was really 10.  We were also told that he was blind, that he had escaped from his yard, and that his owners were coming to pick him up the day before Thanksgiving. When we saw his picture was still on their website after the Thanksgiving weekend, we realized that no owner had come to claim him, so we did!

The first thing our volunteer noticed was that Comet was NOT blind.  The vet at the shelter said nothing about his vision in the report, and Comet saw well enough to run out of the shelter to the truck waiting for him, and he jump right in.  Our vet confirmed that there is nothing wrong with his vision.

Foster Home Update: Comet is completely housebroken.  He is not blind but he has a severe hearing loss.  Fortunately, since there are other dogs in his foster home, he takes all his cues from them and is very well behaved.  He would do best in a home with another dog. 



Very  happy news -- Charlie has now been adopted !!

Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue received this urgent email:  "We need to find a home for this very sweet, blind, older golden called Charlie.  His photo is attached.  He is in the Haywood County Shelter in North Carolina  until Monday 9/21.  Please call me if you can help save him."

A rescue volunteer went immediately to the shelter to save this sweet senior boy.  He was dropped off at a kill shelter by his owner....just discarded.  Charlie is blind from glaucoma.  Obviously  the owners never did anything to help this poor boy.  His pressures in his eye were so high that it was most certain that he had the equivalent of a human migraine all the time. Can you imagine?  

And yet, despite the pain he has endured, he remained a gentle golden soul.  Heartland Golden03 Retriever Rescue is always there for the special needs and the senior goldens.  Most of their dogs have some type of problem or are seniors.   Charlie is VERY lucky and can thank this wonderful rescue for allowing him a second chance in life.  After discussing the alternatives with the ophthalmologist, the rescue decided the best thing for their sweet boy would be to inject his eye with gentamycin antibiotic versus enucleation.  This will essentially "kill" the eye and make him pain free and allow him to not require eye drops for glaucoma.  His eye was injected.  It should shrink over the next few weeks.  

Charlie B is doing much better.  He has a smile on his adorable face and has begun enjoying life. 


GRINinc heard about Charlie through the "rescue grapevine" and decided that Charlie is a fine example of a golden that our Gifted Golden mission can assist. Heartland Golden  Retriever Rescue has received a grant for Charlie's medical care.



Meet Petey!  He was found as a stray, ending up in a shelter. Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue brought him into their organization. Petey had an unsightly injury to his groin. The people at EGRR felt that this sweet, happy boy would have to go as a “special needs” dog, because, in all likelihood, this was a life-long condition that couldn’t be fixed and most likely not accepted by most homes looking for that wonderful young golden.

However, after a visit to a very compassionate vet in the Keys, EGRR was told that there was an excellent chance that surgery would completely take care of his injury. Of course the people at EGRR  readily agreed to do whatever was necessary to give Petey a normal life.


The wonderful news is that he is almost fully healed from the surgery and is, amazingly, completely put back together. There will be NO permanent damage from the injury or the surgery!  The surgery was very costly for Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue. After application to our funding program, EGRR received a check from GRINinc to cover some of Petey's surgery bills.

Petey is about 1 year old, and he still has some of those endearing puppy traits. Petey's foster parents  do not think he ever saw a toy before he came here because he never stops playing with them. Petey has lots of energy and will run around the yard and chase balls for long periods of time. He’s a typical, fun-loving, high energy Golden puppy.


He’s great with adults and children, and gets along well with other animals, including cats! For a dog that got off to such a bad start he is doing great and is a happy spirit . 

Petey is still looking for his forever home. 



If you are interested in having Petey join your family,
please visit for more information.

UPDATE ON PETEY 11/03/09: 
Great news -- Petey has now been adopted !!




Meet Nicholas (age 10) and Reese "Pieces"  (age 8).  They are from the Lake Okeechobee area.  These dogs have spent their entire life outside, mostly confined to a pen but "allowed" to roam the vast property for a very short time everyday.  This golden pair needed to find a new home due to the foreclosure of the property.  Many local Florida rescues could not take Nicholas and Reese into their organization.  GRINinc offered to pay for their basic care in order to hopefully make it easier for a rescue to help.  Unfortunately, no Florida rescues would help, but Adopt A Golden Atlanta offered to take them if we could get them to Atlanta.  GRINinc went to work  and soon Reese and Nicholas were on their way thanks to a wonderful, dedicated volunteer named Pam.  GRINinc paid for the basic medical care and transportation for these two senior goldens. Unfortunately, and expected, they are both heartworm positive and Nicholas has a Mast Cell tumor that has been removed. Nicholas and Reese are happy, together, in their foster home ... the Atlanta rescue has vowed to keep them together!!   Thank you to all who assisted in the Nicholas and Reese story.

UPDATE on Nicholas and Reese 10/21/09 Both dogs remain together in their foster home.  They are doing very well and enjoy their foster siblings.


Both Nicholas and Reeses are now HW free and both were adopted......not together, but they both have at least one other golden of the opposite sex in their new homes and seem quite happy :)




TAFFY - date of birth 5-12-08

Taffy is a one year old female spayed Golden that came to Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue, young, cute, we thought with no apparent health issues. But upon a complete physical exam, we found that Taffy did indeed have a health issue, a very serious heart problem. She has been evaluated at the University of Florida.  They are not really sure what is going on except that Taffy has right side heart enlargement, all valves leak and Myocardial dysfunction. The prognosis so far is still unknown, but at this time Taffy is on hold for adoption.

Taffy is living with Ellen Pavlik (president) of Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue, and her five Golden Boys and husband John. Taffy is enjoying life at the Pavlik farm.  What the future holds for Taffy is still unknown. She will be re-evaluated in September at the University.

We want to thank Golden Rescue in Naples, Inc. for your help in Taffy's medical care. We will keep you updated on Taffy's progress.


UPDATE ON TAFFY 09/30/09: 
Great news, Taffy went back to the University for a re check on her heart, no change, but they said since she has no symptoms she could live a normal life??? they said she has as much of a chance as any other dog to either have it get worse or get cancer or something else. So as far as I am concerned as long as we let the people know she does have some heart irregularities no reason not to adopt her. Actually the doctor really wanted her, but his life style is to busy to give a dog the life it deserves. But she really worked him....

UPDATE ON TAFFY 12/01/09: 

More great news !!  Taffy (now Shaylee) has been adopted.  Shaylee is now in her forever home, where she is very happy and also enjoying having a big brother.  Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue will continue to be guardian angels for Shaylee and will cover any medical expenses associated with her heart concerns.



Ellen Pavlik  (Florida)
Citrus Golden Retriever Rescue



GRINinc. will proudly display a short story and photo of the special goldens that have benefited from our funding mission as outlined on our Gifting Page. Please help us fill this page with happy stories and smiling goldens!!   
We urge each organization to email us their special dog’s story and photo to
Thank you!



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